Australian Supreme Court Nullifies COVID Fines for Thousands of People

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Citizens across Western civilization were shocked when our elected leaders unleashed their inner fascists during the coronavirus pandemic. We thought that we were the bosses in our countries since we elect people who are supposed to represent us. That was a fantasy. No country became more shockingly totalitarian during that time than Australia. Tens of thousands of people were subjected to crippling fines for violating the most trivial of rules that our leaders made up out of thin air. Thankfully for Australians, their Supreme Court is now finally breathing some sanity back into the process.

Australia’s leaders went completely insane with their newfound emergency COVID powers. They locked down the entire country and wouldn’t let people work in Victoria for 112 straight days. That was the longest lockdown in the entire world.

Anyone who was caught violating government mandates, such as mask mandates or stay-at-home orders, was hunted down like an escaped axe murderer was on the loose. They launched a citywide manhunt for one poor guy who was spotted on an elevator surveillance camera as he was leaving his apartment building without permission.

No Australian citizens were treated worse than those who made the smart choice to remain unvaccinated. Even after cities started lifting their draconian stay-at-home lockdowns, the unvaccinated were ordered to stay at home and continue not making a living. Any unvaccinated people who were caught leaving their homes for any reason were hunted down, arrested, and locked in concentration camps.

That actually happened.

As it turned out in the end, the unvaccinated people were the smart ones. Years after governments tried to force all their citizens to take the “safe and effective” mRNA shots, we are finally learning just how dangerous these experimental gene serums are. It all seems insane now that we know that COVID is no more dangerous than the typical flu.

Australians who were not rounded up and sent to concentration camps were subjected to financially crippling fines for breaking the rules. One of those people was a homeless woman in New South Wales named Angelika Kosciolek. Angelika was living on the streets but had an offer to come and live with friends or relatives in South Australia until she could get back on her feet.

As she was caught trying to leave Sidney, the “Oh, we’re just doing our jobs, we’re not real Nazi party members” police slapped Angelika with a $3,000 fine. Think about how stupid and cruel that is for a moment.

It was more important for Australia’s totalitarian leaders that Angelika Kosciolek remain homeless and live on the streets than to just let her travel to another city where a home was waiting for her. Plus, a $3,000 fine? Most people who are not homeless would have had trouble scraping that kind of cash together when governments were not allowing people to work.

Fortunately, the Aussie Supreme Court just ruled on Angelika’s case. The cops did not cite a specific Act that she had violated when they wrote her the $3,000 ticket. There’s an existing Australian law that says a citation needs to reference the Act that you violated when the cops write you a ticket.

Since Australian leaders were inventing new crimes out of thin air, without passing new legislative acts, the cops didn’t know which Act to cite when ticketing tens of thousands of people. Angelika’s fine has been voided by the Supreme Court. An additional 29,000 Australians are in the same boat. They were issued draconian citations that didn’t list the Act that they had violated, so all those fines are now voided as well.

That’s a tiny bit of good news amid this whole saga. Unfortunately, none of the wannabe Hitlers who brutalized and terrorized their citizens over a virus have been fired or prosecuted for their actions.