AOC Throws Another Tantrum

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

If you didn’t know it, New York liberal and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has several official complaints lodged against her – and for good reason. Naturally, she isn’t happy with those complaints. But is that really a reason to throw a temper tantrum in public?

Well, that’s exactly what happened on Thursday.

It all started with Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik, who claims that AOC lied about her and falsely accused her during a recent House Oversight Committee hearing. During the hearing, AOC claimed that Raichik lied to the American public in a 2022 tweet by saying that Boston Children’s Hospital was “offering ‘gender-affirming hysterectomies’ for young girls.”

Raichik’s Libs of TikTok posted the disturbing information they had learned about the hospital in August of 2022. According to the group, which has recently partnered with the Heritage Foundation, girls as young as 15 were receiving this “treatment.”

For whatever reason, AOC took offense to the tweets and claimed Raichik and her group were lying.

But Raichik wasn’t lying. In fact, there was proof.

And now, with the hospital called out, Raichik is seeking to get vengeance for AOC “defaming” her.

On Thursday, Raichik, along with Mike Howell of Heritage’s Oversight Project, went to Capitol Hill to officially file a complaint against the liberal lawmaker. After doing so, Raichik tried to find AOC in her office to confront her about it and let her know about the complaint.

They first went to AOC’s office, where they were informed that she was not there at the moment. Lucky for Raichik, they ran into her on their way out of the Capitol.

Raichik politely asked for a picture. And while posing for this photo, Raichik leaned in slightly and said, “I just delivered an ethics complaint to your office because you lied about me in a committee hearing.”

AOC was taken off guard and turned to Raichik, saying, “Actually, I didn’t.”

Raichik continued, “I never inspired a bomb threat.”

AOC then completely lost it. She practically screamed, “You’re actually super transphobic, and I never want to share a space with you again,” before turning and nearly running out of the room.

As I said, a temper tantrum, to be sure.

So much for acting in a way that reflects creditably on the House at all times…