Welcome to the Doocy/KJP Comedy Hour! Watch the Room Explode in Laughter

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

It’s hard not to watch White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre do a press briefing and not think about a Saturday Night Live skit.

This week would have made for a great out-take.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy surprised the whole room, including Jean-Pierre with his lead-off question during Monday’s briefing.

Doocy, like every other member of the White House press in the room, wanted to focus on the intensifying story of Biden’s classified documents scandal. They just keep appearing in different locations after the administration denies that they have them.

Here is the way Doocy decided to ask his first question to KJP: “When you found out that the FBI located even more Classified Materials in Wilmington, which four-letter word did you use?”
The room exploded with laughter, and KJP couldn’t hold in her laughter either.

She replied, “Oh, my goodness, Peter.”

Doocy said, “You can’t say? Okay.”

The brevity of the situation was probably a good thing. Several reporters have been hitting KJP hard on the mis-answers and no-answers over the documents.

They wanted to know what they pertain to, whether or not there will be more found, and whether or not Biden has been aware that they were in his possession.

Doocy’s question, although hilarious, had a jab in it as well for the White House team. They have claimed over and over to authorities and the press that all the documents have been found. But it keeps getting proven false. This time they were found in Biden’s Delaware home.

Jean-Pierre repeated the White House counsel’s claim on Friday before the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday — and on Tuesday.

KJP had to field questions that pointed out her false information.

“Do you feel badly that you gave out false information?” Newsmax Chief White House Correspondent James Rosen asked. But KJP didn’t respond.

The fact is she told the press the same things six times and was wrong each time.

But who’s laughing?