Trump Rallies Gun Owners: Vows to Crush Biden’s Anti-2nd Amendment Rules

Aaron of L.A. Photography /
Aaron of L.A. Photography /

Once again blessed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, made a dramatic appeal to gun owners on Saturday night. He demanded their votes in November, pledging to undo Biden-era gun regulations and sack the head of the AFT.

Apparently baffled, Trump pointed out that gun owners seem to have a rebellious streak that keeps them from voting. ” What is that all about?” he mused.

He confidently stated later that if gun owners voted, they would “swamp” the Democrats at levels no one had seen before.

According to a 2022 survey by, nearly half of Republicans (48 percent) proudly reported owning at least one gun, and a whopping 66 percent boasted of living in a household with a gun. Meanwhile, only 20 percent of Democrats could claim gun ownership, with a mere 31 percent living in a gun household.

This is not Trump’s first Rodea before the NRA. Trump first spoke at the NRA in Nashville in 2015. Since then, he has consistently supported the NRA, the Second Amendment, and self-defense rights. He made a promise in 2016 to never let NRA members down.

During his presidency, Trump fulfilled his promise by appointing a record number of judges who respect the Second Amendment. This includes three Supreme Court justices who were instrumental in landmark Second Amendment rulings such as NRA-funded NYSRPA v. Bruen, solidifying his legacy as a gun rights champion.

Trump is also a Life member of the NRA, underscoring his personal commitment to the Association’s mission as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights.

He rallied the gun owners to embrace their rebellious nature by voting in the 2024 election, urging them to drag their friends to the polls, too.

Trump upped the stakes, claiming this is the most critical election in the nation’s history.

Why? That same survey done by showed that significantly more Democrats wanted to limit gun ownership compared to Republicans. On the flip side, Republicans were all about protecting the right to own guns way more than Democrats. When looking at education levels, those with some college but no degree were the most likely to have at least one gun in their household. Yet, nearly a quarter of Americans over 18 said they rarely carry a gun on them.

In a January 2023 survey, Americans were split by party on gun rights versus gun control. A whopping 74 percent of Democrats thought limiting gun ownership was crucial, while a similar 75 percent of Republicans insisted that protecting the right to own guns was the real priority.

It is evident that the debate surrounding gun control in the United States remains highly controversial. Frequent mass shootings have placed gun control laws at the center of policy discussions. Democratic politicians typically emphasize stricter gun control measures and advocate for more comprehensive background checks for gun purchasers. In contrast, Republicans generally prioritize protecting gun rights and oppose additional restrictions.

Should he win, Trump promised a swift dismissal of the ATF Director and a total rollback of President Joe Biden’s gun restrictions. Trump declared that his second term would include reversing every single one of Biden’s Second Amendment assaults.

On April 19, the Biden administration finalized a controversial ATF rule aimed at closing a loophole that allowed tens of thousands of guns and rifles to be sold annually by unlicensed dealers without background checks. According to the administration, these checks are crucial to ensure that potential buyers are not legally barred from owning firearms.

The NRA’s endorsement, which came just before his speech, was a predictable but notable boost to Trump’s campaign.

“We’re going to win this election” in an unprecedented landslide, Trump declared.  Thank you very for that endorsement – it really means a lot,” he added with a self-satisfied grin.