State Proves Reversal of Roe v. Wade is Saving Lives


When the infamous Roe v Wade was overturned last summer, we all knew some major changes would be made throughout the nation. While the Supreme Court decision did not make abortions in the US illegal, as they were prior to the original 1973 ruling, it did open up the possibility to limit those murderous procedures in many, many states.

With a strong conservative background and leaning, Texas was unsurprisingly one of the first to move in that direction. In fact, many would likely say that the new rules regarding abortion were set in stone before the ink dried on the Supreme Court’s final decision.

To be clear, in anticipation of just such a ruling, conservative leaders like GOP Governor Gregg Abbott had already begun considering what the state’s laws on abortion should be if they were offered the chance to decide for themselves. Naturally, they were not the only states to do so.

Now, here we are about six months after that decision, and data is pouring in from the state on just how efficient the new laws are.

According to the state data, so far, thousands of innocent lives have been saved in what one could only call an absolute blessing.

As Fox News recently reported, the state has, in fact, seen a near 100 percent decrease in abortions since the Supreme Court overturned the nearly 50-year killing spree.

Data coming from the Texas Health and Human Services shows that only three abortions took place in that month in the entire state.

It is noted that all three were ruled legal, as each pregnancy was putting the mother’s life at severe risk. Healthcare providers, therefore, deemed it medically necessary to perform an abortion. According to new state laws, this is perfectly acceptable as one of the few exceptions to the abortion ban.

As I mentioned, this is a drastic decline from just a month or two prior. In June, 2,596 elective abortions were completed. In July, the month Roe v Wade was overturned, 68 were performed.

Just to do the math for you, that’s a whopping 99 percent decrease for the state.

The numbers are even more shocking, however, when we look at the year before that. In August of 2021, there were some 5,706 abortions completed in the Lone Star State, with most being wholly elective.

Naturally, pro-life groups like Texas Right to Life are in full celebratory mode from the data. Twitter posts show them boasting of the measly number of abortions performed since the ruling.

Of course, the group also notes that while this is a near-miraculous achievement for life compared to previous years, their work to stop abortions isn’t done. By that, they point out that the three legally deemed abortions do not include what is likely to be many more illegal ones happening throughout the state.

Unfortunately, recently made available abortion pills have made their way across the border and into Texas communities from anti-Life groups who often ship them from overseas. Additionally, activists have been somewhat successful in operating illegal mobile abortion clinics, as well as pressuring more left-leaning doctors to ignore the abortion ban in what they call an act of “civil disobedience.”

This means Texas Right to Life and other groups still have work to do.

However, it’s still massively good news to hear just how much their prior work has paid off.

It is noted that some 60 million infants have been killed in abortion procedures in the US alone since Roe v Wade was first established in the 70s. While we can never get those precious lives back, we can now be hopeful that no future similar tragedies will occur.

Let Texas be an example of what our society should be, one that protects life and the right to that life. We must never stop fighting for that.