Republicans Want to Force Biden to Debate Trump Without Medical Intervention 

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After President Joe Biden’s trip to Italy to attend the G7 economic summit, sources reveal that his next trip might be to Camp David for an extended rest in preparation for his debate with former President Donald Trump. During that visit, some speculate that Biden will be “medically revitalized,” with FOX News’ Kellyanne Conway suggesting he might get “juiced.” 

It’s not the first time the possibility has been raised. After Biden’s State of the Union Address, Trump wondered in a social media post if stimulating “drugs” were wearing off. The possibility led the former President to call for drug screening ahead of the debate. 

Conway suggested that there is no “proof that Biden can stand without assistance,” much less speak without a teleprompter for an hour and a half while intimidated by Trump’s presence on the debate stage. 

Now, Republicans are proposing a bill that a sitting President would have to notify Congress if any drugs are taken that may interfere with his job duties, including drugs that could affect judgment, mood, or alertness. 

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) introduced the bill after Biden’s slurred speech, incoherency, and long pauses put his “mental and physical decline on full display.”  Ogles explained that he introduced the “No Juicing Joe Act” because the White House has declined to assess Biden’s cognitive abilities, fearing he would perform poorly if tested. “It is unfair to the American people for the White House to be occupied by someone incapable of speaking,” Ogles said, adding, “The President, whose office is the most powerful on earth, must be accountable to the people, and Congress must ensure accountability.” 

Last week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) research division shared multiple videos on X showing President Biden appearing confused after his speech in Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The RNC research account, run by former President Trump’s campaign and the RNC, posted several clips of Biden in Normandy. One video captured Biden hesitating while bending down, suggesting uncertainty about whether it was time to sit down. 

The concerns were worsened following a bombshell Wall Street Journal report that revealed Biden’s ongoing mental health decline. The report based its conclusions on the observations of 45 administration officials, each highlighting how Biden’s cognitive issues affect his job performance and, in many cases, make lawmakers feel “uncomfortable.” 

Most individuals interviewed by the Wall Street Journal who were critical of Biden’s performance were Republicans. However, some Democrats also noted that the president appeared to show signs of his age during specific interactions. These interviewees had either attended meetings with Biden or were briefed on them afterward. They included administration officials and other Democrats who did not raise any concerns about how the president managed these meetings. 

The White House downplayed these reports, attributing the criticism to partisan politics. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates remarked that it’s notable how Republican officials continue to be “intimidated” by Biden’s State of the Union address. He went on to state that despite Republicans losing in negotiations with Biden and witnessing his successes in areas like infrastructure, reducing crime, and competing with China, they continue to “mistake confidence for a drug.”  

Recent polls suggest that voters have no confidence in Biden’s cognitive health, but Trump isn’t faring much better in the court of public opinion. A quarter of respondents say neither candidate has the mental health capacity to serve a second presidential term. Half of Trump voters feel the former president has the necessary cognitive ability to do so, and only a third feel the same about Biden. 

Polling suggests that while Democrats are more concerned about Biden’s mental health than Republicans are about Trump’s, voters will follow political lines and vote for their candidate regardless. Independents expressed a willingness to vote for the candidate they feel is more mentally capable of serving a presidential term, regardless of whom it is. 

It’s embarrassing to watch Biden crumble in public, and in some cases, like the Juneteenth celebration, it’s painful. Biden looked like a toddler who was uncertain what he was doing at a grown-up’s party but was glad to have been invited anyway. If that was a “juiced up” Biden, it’s hard to imagine his natural mental state behind closed doors.