Biden Opposes Pay Raise for US Troops After Sending Gobs of Cash to Ukraine

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Bumble Dee /

The House Armed Services Committee has released a draft of the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act that would provide a nice pay increase for all junior troops in the US military. It’s too bad for the troops that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party hate the military with such seething passion. The White House has already stated that the proposed $24.4 billion pay increase over five years is not something Biden will ever sign off on. Meanwhile, how much money has this regime sent to the unelected war criminal Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine?

The Biden White House went so far as to criticize the proposed pay hike for the troops as “significant” and “permanent.” And those would be bad things because…?

The White House says it “strongly opposes” giving the troops a raise despite sending Ukraine seven times as much money since Joe Biden started his proxy war with Russia. Biden and the worthless US Congress have now officially sent Ukraine $175 billion dollars from the American taxpayers.

The official number, however, could be significantly lower than the actual total. $175 billion is just the number that Congress has appropriated publicly, and which Joe Biden has signed off on. We have no idea how much has been thrown into the Ukraine money pit via black budget line items. It could be more than $300 billion.

American families, which, of course, include military families, would have to make $14,951 more per year in 2024 than they made in 2020 just to maintain the standard of living that they enjoyed under President Trump. Joe Biden’s inflationary policies have crushed household budgets. A new E-1 military enlistee in 2024 is paid a salary of only $24,204 per year. Most junior military members now qualify for food stamps.

The House Armed Services Committee’s proposed pay increase would have helped military members make ends meet, especially as the entire military is now facing a recruitment crisis. The troops no longer make even close to enough money to support a family. The Armed Services Committee’s proposal would give enlisted troops a 15% pay increase, along with expanded allowances for rent and food, and make improvements to the cost-of-living calculation.

“Meanwhile, they’ve sent the Ukrainian government $11,500 per Ukrainian household,” said Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN). “It’s shameful.”

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz (R) was even more to the point, noting that Joe Biden openly hates the troops.

“While families of our junior enlisted struggle on food stamps, this administration opposes their pay raises and wants to force-feed them pronoun training and drag queen story hour,” said Gaetz.

The House Armed Services Committee proposed the pay increase after conducting a year-long study into how the troops are struggling under Biden’s inflation. Most junior military members can no longer afford rent or food unless they’re married to a civilian spouse who makes a great salary. Wages for the troops have failed to keep pace with the private sector through Joe Biden’s inflation as well.

It should be perfectly clear to every young, working-class American by now. If you want your standard of living to improve, so that you can afford rent, groceries, and a shot at the American dream, you should vote for Donald Trump in 2024. He’ll give military members a raise while eliminating taxes on tips on service industry jobs. If you want to see your quality of life completely destroyed, vote for Joe Biden. He hates you and your family and wants to see you totally dependent upon the government to meet your every need.