Not All Chicago Business Owners Will Allow Themselves To Be Victims

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Blue leadership in Chicago has continued to perpetuate the cycle of violent crime in the city through their revolving door of cashless bail policies. Many citizens have had enough of failing to enforce any real laws on criminals. Due to the slow response times by cops, some finally decided that taking up arms to protect theirs was a good call. At the Chicago Landmark Diamond Center, one would-be robber didn’t get the message.

Coming into the business, the robber brandished a tool of some sort and attempted to smash the front glass case, seeming to think the employee behind the counter wouldn’t resist the robbery. That’s when the Illinois Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card-carrying and Concealed Carry-licensed individual produced a handgun and proceeded to rack the slide and unload. With someone dropping behind the employee, seemingly in shock, he continued to advance and popped off a few more rounds.

Ultimately escaping the front door, the attempted robber turned around to recover his purse from the scene of the attack. Able to escape once again, he headed for the nearby train platform but was almost instantly detailed by Chicago PD once he got up the stairs. Transported to the local hospital, the robber was placed under arrest following treatment.

Local resident Christine spoke with CBS News about the changes for Chicago. “I think to throw all the responsibility on the business owners, or the residences is really not the right way to go. The crime is just escalating, and it’s getting worse and worse. We had kids killed a few weeks ago. Now this armed robbery, it’s a shame.”