Meet the 2024 Candidate Who Can Actually See the Reality of Liberal Policies

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

It’s rare to see a dark horse coming out this early in the presidential election cycle to make incredible waves with their statements. Yet that’s exactly what Vivek Ramaswamy did during his October 2nd segment of the Fox News show “Jesse Watters Primetime.” When Watters teed up a question that directly linked increased crime with the removal of insane asylums, Ramaswamy jumped on it full force.

“I think this is a clear path to fighting the violent crime wave across this country, Jesse. I’ve said it at the debates. I’m the only candidate in either party talking about it because it’s a taboo subject. But we have to talk about the hard truth. Violent crime has risen over precisely the period that we have shuttered these psychiatric institutions. And you know what? The number one psychiatric institution today is? Jail, it’s prison, and they don’t do a very good job.”

With so many making the push to set criminals free under the guise of social justice reform, it becomes incredibly difficult to provide resources for those released. Those who were locked up with some mental issues ultimately watched them get worse inside. Life inside is not a healthy environment for these individuals, and even those who were mentally strong still came out with some damage.

Ramaswamy called out “limited cases of abuse” that were reported in psychiatric wards. Because of this, he said the practice had become “taboo” and made people afraid to discuss the idea or cause and effect behind their closure. With their closure, he also alleged that “anti-psychotics and other forms of antidepressants,” pushed because of their closure was a massive benefit for pharmaceutical companies.

With the closure of these institutions and the new prisoner release programs, the streets in Democrat-led cities are teeming with criminals and mentally deranged individuals. These people are simply going through the revolving door and not getting the help they need. Bringing back these institutions would be the best way to help with the problem that is only continuing to get worse.

Initially started back in the 1950s, it wasn’t until 1999 that the Supreme Court ruled that mental health is a disability and people needed to be treated outside of institutions. Not just hospitals but all governmental institutions would be required to keep them in the community. For prisons, this meant no more being locked up in a mental institution or ward if found guilty. Instead, they would just become medicated and left on their own in public.

Taking this kind of hardline position is incredibly difficult to do. People are not comfortable with the idea of mental institutions. The horror stories and bad anecdotes that have come from case files and medical studies are more than enough to scare people off. Add in the decision by foreign countries to imprison political opponents and others under the guise of mental health issues and delusions and the concept of “go with us or go away” policies of communism.

Going along with the change in 1999 has been in surge in school and mass shootings. Before 1999 and Columbine, incidents like this weren’t occurring like they are now, both in intensity and frequency. Losing mental health institutions and instead relying on unmonitored medication at home or from an outpatient center has only shown a propensity to be a recipe for disaster.

Having someone like Vivek Ramaswamy on the ticket is a huge deal for the American people. A candidate who, just like Trump, isn’t a part of the poisoned well that has become Washington is a breath of fresh air for conservatives. His outsider ideas could help restore the prosperity and success of the US. Bringing back things like mental institutions and removing the idea of social justice releases would be the 180* from the liberal policies that have destroyed this nation.

Maybe this inexperienced conservative is the perfect way for the country to go.