Massive Change: Most Hispanic Voters Prefer Donald Trump Over Biden by a Lot

Simone Hogan /
Simone Hogan /

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll should make the Democrat Party run for their fainting couches. Joe Biden has done such a catastrophic job of running the country into the ground that a plurality of likely Hispanic voters now say they plan to vote for Donald Trump. This has never happened with any Republican presidential candidate before. The Democrats thought they could simply take advantage of their pet voting constituencies forever and not feel any consequences for it.

According to the poll, Trump now leads Biden with a plurality among Hispanic voters, 39% to 34%. That is shocking when you compare it to the 2020 numbers. In that election, Biden won 65% of the Hispanic vote compared to Trump’s 32%.

Among black voters, Biden won in 2020 by a margin of 87% to 12% over Trump. The USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows that this year, however, Biden’s support has eroded to just 63% among black voters. Trump’s support remains steady at 12%. Joe Biden has lost 1 out of every 4 black voters that he had in 2020, and they now say they plan to vote for someone other than Biden or Trump, which ultimately helps President Trump more.

There’s no good news for Team Biden at the bottom of the poll, either. Among voters under 35, Trump leads Biden by 37% to 33%. More than 20% of young voters say they plan to vote for someone other than Trump or Biden. Joe Biden’s support among young voters was already weak, but his insistence on warmongering on behalf of Israel has turned off even more young Americans, since they’re the ones who would have to go and fight another pointless “forever war” if Biden succeeds in starting it.

Multiple third-party candidates are also siphoning support from Biden. Cornel West, Jill Stein, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and several others are fighting to get on the ballot in multiple states. Every vote for one of those people effectively takes a vote away from Joe Biden, which benefits Donald Trump. If they were serious about winning the 2024 election, the Republican National Committee under Ronna McDaniel should be trying to get West, Stein, and Kennedy on the ballot in every swing state. (But they’re not, since McDaniel prefers to keep steering a sinking ship for some reason.)

In interpreting the numbers, David Paleologos, the director of Suffolk’s Political Research Center, said, “A young voter or a person of color voting ‘third party’ is a vote away from President Biden, and a vote away from President Biden is a vote for Donald Trump.”

When trying to figure out why Hispanic voters have shifted to supporting Donald Trump, it’s not rocket science. Everyone in America has become drastically poorer under Joe Biden. The economy is in a shambles and it’s Joe Biden’s fault. Everyone understands that. The Bureau of Labor Statistics just quietly rewrote the employment numbers for last November, revising “job growth” downward by 432,000 jobs. That happened every single month in 2023, other than July. We had 11 straight months of net job losses in the past year.

Nothing even vaguely close to that happened under President Donald Trump. Trump had inflation at or close to zero for months during his administration. You didn’t even have to get a raise at work to feel like you had a pay increase. With Joe Biden in charge, your groceries cost more every week, making it impossible for working people to keep up.

Hispanic voters aren’t stupid (contrary to Jill Biden’s belief). They’re going to vote for Donald Trump in record numbers, and they’ll do it because Trump made their lives better and more prosperous.