Watch: New Trump Video Ties Globalist Elites to Jeffrey Epstein

ThomasDeco /
ThomasDeco /

Donald Trump has released a new campaign video in which he goes scorched earth on the globalist elites. This ad has a little bit of something for everyone in it. It has Bill Clinton meeting with his “good friend,” the deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It has Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and even Hillary Clinton.

The ad is set to the classic Aerosmith tune “Dream On.” Aerosmith will probably throw a hissy fit and demand that Trump stop using the ad in about five seconds, so you might want to watch it below before that happens.

The ad promises more transparency when it comes to the JFK files when Trump is reelected. During his first administration, Trump made the mistake of listening to then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo and ended up not declassifying the files. It looks like Trump is not planning to make some of the same mistakes once he’s back in office, which is refreshing.

The reason why the song “Dream On” was chosen for the ad is obvious. Trump is telling the globalists that they can “dream on” when it comes to their plans to destroy America and usher in a one-world government. The chorus—the words “dream on”—plays over and over again as the faces of George Soros, Bill Gates, and the rest of the elites flash on screen.

They can all “dream on” because Donald Trump and the MAGA movement are going to defeat them. A bunch of the lesser Republican candidates for president also make appearances in the ad, including Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, and Nukey Haley.

While the ad blasts the global elites for their failed policies and their friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, it also conveys a message of hope. Contrast that to Joe Biden’s first campaign ad, in which he basically calls half of Americans terrorists. Here’s the new Trump ad: