Librarian Fired After Trying to Shut Conservative Events Down

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Imagine booking some BIG names for your library, such as Kirk Cameron and Missy Robertson. These events get promoted and people look forward to showing up.

Only, those names don’t really align with your own political beliefs. You’d rather get those events shut down so that you can invite your favorite drag queens out to wiggle and shake in front of a bunch of toddlers.

That’s what happened recently at a library in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Public Library Director Allan Morales has had his employment contract terminated due to allegedly trying to shut the reading events down.

The children’s library event had a few big names scheduled – Kirk Cameron, Missy Robertson (from Duck Dynasty), and Riley Gaines (an award-winning swimmer). Robertson accused Morales without actually citing his name: “He started a campaign in the community to shut [the event] down without officially canceling it because then he knew that it wouldn’t be good for their library.”
Basically, Morales took the coward’s way out. He wanted to get the community angry about the event so that he didn’t have to deal with the fallout on his own.

Quite a few of the staff members at the library had been disruptive. They didn’t want the conservatives at their library or performing for the kids. As such, they made it nearly impossible for Robertson and others to shoot their promotional videos.

Robertson said that many of the staffers were “kicking cabinets” and “slamming books.”

Meanwhile, Cameron spoke of “unkind pushback” on a Facebook post.

Here’s the good news. None of that stopped them from moving forward. And the community was all too welcoming to the conservatives at the library. Cameron wrote that there was an “OVERFLOW crowd of families, mayors, county commissioners, and celebs” that welcomed them into the library. The event was filled with prayer, the teaching of faith, and perhaps more important – providing moral values to the kids who were in attendance.

It’s time to see more of this. Any librarian who thinks it’s okay to rally the community AGAINST such events, especially once the events have been requested and booked, should absolutely be getting fired.