In Desperate Attempt To Save Face, DeSantis Blames Trump for Biden’s Failure

The Old Major /
The Old Major /

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was once the darling of the Republican party. Standing up against the democrats, he trusted science in the purest sense of the term). By doing what it took to get his state reopened, he was a hero to the American people. They saw him as a beacon of hope and a guiding light to help them navigate through the enormous waves and thick brain fog brought on by COVID-19. With the liberal propaganda machine in full force, he helped to throw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Since he proved he was right there, he seems to think that whatever he says is conservative gospel and must be followed. A “from my lips to God’s ear” sort of mindset. Unfortunately for him, that’s just not how this all works. If anything, God is pissed at him for trying to evoke his name during some questionable statements.

An interview with NewsNation was shown during an October 18th edition of “The Hill.” In that interview, DeSantis outlined that the state of America in 2023 isn’t really the fault of Joe Biden. Rather, that rests on former President Trump.

“I do think, when he’s saying things, like, in Iowa, the other day, that, well, he couldn’t follow his campaign promise to have Mexico build the border — pay for the border wall, because there was, no legal mechanism he could have used to have Mexico pay, so he’s rationalizing that failure. The problem is, that was his main campaign promise. I was at the rallies. It was fun. Everyone was cheering that.” They cheered it because it was a great idea, and it would have easily worked if it hadn’t been for those meddling liberals.

Continuing, he added, “And the second thing is there actually was a way he could have done that. He could have imposed fees — and I will do this as president — you could have imposed fees on the remittances that people send to foreign countries, Mexico included. That would have raised billions of dollars. I think it’s important because that was his core campaign promise. You look at what Biden’s done with that border. If he had followed through and built the wall, it would have been much more difficult for Biden to get away with what’s happened.”

Listen, there is no problem in blaming Biden for getting away with so much horrible work as the President. His handling of the crisis along the southern border is downright treasonous, and he honestly should have been removed from office ages ago. Yet here we are, with him in office, a magnificent border being overrun on a daily basis, at the doorstep for WWIII, and all President Tapioca can think to do is claim he fixed the problem by sending the side he chose weapons.

This is a recipe rife with collusion, corruption, mistrust, distrust, and murder. Twists that a paperback novel wouldn’t stand up to are commonplace in this presidency. Quite frankly, this one should be regarded as one of the strangest and most horrific presidencies to date. One that almost intentionally seems messed up because it literally takes serious effort to destroy something this horrifically.

For DeSantis to try and pass the buck on to Trump for any of these failures is a sign that he is one of three things. A liberal at heart, so ashamed of his campaign that he can’t think of anything else, or he thinks he can prove what Democrats have failed to prove in the last 7 years.

If DeSantis wants a shot at winning this, he needs to learn to stand on his own two feet. Standing on Trump’s shoulder’s just makes him look shorter and more unfit for the office.