Hamas Spokeswoman Says They Won’t Stop With Palestine

Laboo Studio / shutterstock.com
Laboo Studio / shutterstock.com

Ever since the October 7th attacks on Israel, Hamas has found themselves back peddling from the return of fire. Afraid to face the music for their actions, they make the odd decision to attack and hide in Mosques and hospitals. All the while issuing propaganda footage proclaiming they will be victorious and showcasing what they claim to be war crimes committed by the Israeli military.

A new tactic in psychological warfare was leaked on February 10th. In the video, a spokeswoman for Hamas proclaimed the theory of Palestine being established as a second state in Israel as little more than a dream. Covered in a hijab, the woman was only identified as “Elham, Member of Hamas, Planner of a Suicide Bombing.”

In a very direct and translated statement, she says, they are a long way from stopping with Israel alone. They want domination because “we don’t only fight against occupation. Our goal is to spread Islam to all, everywhere.” While there is nothing in the video to declare her as an “official” spokesperson for Hamas or to even confirm her connection, the signs are there. In the last few years, other members of Hamas have shared similar sentiments and speeches.

Back in December 2023, Fathi Hammad, a member of Hamas’ Political Bureau, said, “The [Palestinian] people have been soldiers throughout history. They are now preparing to liberate Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and I am saying this loud and clear: [The Palestinian people] are preparing to establish the Caliphate, with Jerusalem as its capital city, Inshallah. Jerusalem will not only be the capital city of Palestine as an independent state – it will be the capital city of the Islamic Caliphate.”

While vaguely worded in a sense, they detail exactly why Israel has vowed to wipe out Hamas or go out trying. This Caliphate is a part of Sunni Islamic theology and commands the allegiance of all Muslims worldwide. No matter the nationality or ethnicity, all roads during a Caliphate led to war against Christianity.

Suffice to say, messages like these may be repetitive, but we must take heed and pay attention.