Fetterman Throws “Sinister” Dem Colleague Under the Bus

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.com

As is expected, nearly everyone is talking about the recent ousting of now-former GOP Florida Representative George Santos. Shockingly, one Democrat is using the discussion to point fingers at one of his own.

Enter Pennsylvania Democrat and US Senator John Fetterman, who many may describe as the sloppiest and oddest man in the Upper Chamber.

And yet, at present, he’s just about the only one making sense of corruption in his own party.

If you missed it, he recently appeared on “The View,” where the recent Santos ousting was naturally brought up. As Santos is a Republican and Fetterman a Democrat, you’d think this would bring out the clan mentality that all leftists seem to have, using the experience to score some political points for his party.

But that’s not what Fetterman did.

Instead, he turned on his own and called out a much more “sinister” lawman: Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

Fetterman brought up the fact while Santos certainly has his faults, including apparently lying about his entire background (including education, work history, and experiences), Menendez has done far worse things, which may even include working as a foreign asset against the United States.

If you know much about the allegations against Menendez, they basically accuse him of accepting bribes for things like cash, gold bars, and even a luxury car, as well as potentially working as a businessman and military installment for Egypt, according to the Associated Press.

And yes, I mean the African nation of Egypt.

As Fetterman said, he’s not “surprised” about Santos. “But to me, I think that the more important picture is that we have a colleague in the Senate that actually did much more sinister and serious kinds of things – Sen. Menendez.”

He added, “He needs to go.”

Naturally, the liberal view hosts questioned this, remarking that Menendez hasn’t been convicted yet. For Fetterman, that doesn’t matter. While Menendez deserves a fair trial, retaining a seat of power and votes is not a right.

And he’s certainly right. If we want better for our nation, we have to expect better from our Congressmen. Menendez needs to go.