Biden’s White House Only Now Thinks Inflation Is Destroying Americans

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During the August 31st edition of “Katy Tur Reports on MSNBC White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein took the opportunity to talk to the millions of Americans who are stuck living paycheck-to-paycheck. Guest Host Alex Witt softballed in a question about people claiming the White House has it wrong, and they don’t see the economy improving.

“Well, I think there, we have to consider what we’ve been talking about in terms of current events, where we have, again, a strong labor market supporting consumer spending and real wage gains. But it’s early days for those wage gains, by the way. So, I’m very sympathetic to the idea that people need to see them continue, and I think if the job market stays tight, they will. But I think we also need to look around the corner. You see a president that is working day in and day out on behalf of the American people.”

What this tone-deaf man doesn’t realize is that if his “work” isn’t producing results, the people won’t be looking around the corner, or at what’s coming. We are looking at the here and now. For years now we have heard that things would be changing. As his good buddy and fellow investment pal Fauci liked to say “Flatten the curve,” and we would be fine. Much the same, he tells us to ride the wave and things will improve. Well Bernstein, that math isn’t checking out so far.

Still, Bernstein remains positive that the fixes Biden proclaims are major victories are making all the difference for the American people.

“The prescription drug announcement that came out earlier this week, it’s going to help the incomes of millions of seniors by allowing them to spend less on prescription drugs. This morning, we announced a proposed overtime rule, so that people could get fair overtime pay on the job, and, of course, there’s the deep investment agenda behind Bidenomics, which is supporting manufacturing across this country in rural areas, in urban areas, in blue states, in red states. So, we believe that the current dynamics in the economy are moving in the right direction, but we’re planting the seeds for a more prosperous future.”

Much of these seeds won’t sprout for years, if at all. The American people are not likely to see or feel these impacts as they aren’t meant for many Americans. Those who largely benefit are the ones who have been voting Democrat anyway. Their bread and butter, the people who complain it’s all the Republican’s fault for not handing everything over like the communist party would.

Inflation is making the American dollar closer and closer to worthless by the day. As prices continue to shoot up, the country and much of the globe are now wondering when Biden will get his act together. It’s been far too long, and we have fallen too much at this point to get back where we were anytime soon. Instead, maintaining the status quo has largely become the mission. A mission that sleepy Joe and his fellow leftists are more than happy to fail.

Seeing the country from their perspective, it’s not a bad thing if it fails. It only helps to secure their lot in life as the rich insider trading investors that they proclaim they hate. The same mouths that bash rich investors are sucking up to people like Nancy Pelosi who along with her husband are rich investors. They only got this rich over insider information that they sold out for a profit.

As America rots from the inside, the left could choose to do something. Then again, they can continue to sink the ship, and then blame the GOP when it’s fully below the surface. It’s been their main MO for decades now, so why change it?