Biden’s 200k Check Resurfaces in Corruption Scandal 

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In the fall of 2023, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) found evidence that Joe Biden received a $200,000 check from his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law Sara Biden in 2018, labeled as a “loan repayment.” The questionable loan repayment originated with Americore, which fronted a sizable loan to James Biden.  

Americore is a struggling operator of rural hospitals, deeply embroiled in various legal actions and inquiries concerning allegations of fraud, mismanagement, and outstanding debts. Americore is currently facing investigation in a continuing federal prosecution amounting to $100 million after the Department of Justice discovered that one of its hospitals engaged in a fraudulent scheme of overbilling Medicare for unnecessary lab tests.  

Americore extended a loan of around $600,000 to James, banking on his ability to attract funding from the Middle East. Subsequently, $200,000 of the total amount was deposited into James’ personal bank account, and he issued a $200,000 check to Biden from the same account on the same day. 

The excuses from the Biden White House were all-encompassing. Biden claimed innocence, and the check quickly lost relevance for the media and Democrats, who insisted there was no wrongdoing by the Biden family. The White House has consistently refuted any suggestion that the funds represented anything beyond repayment for a previous personal loan James received from Biden. Bank records with redacted details suggest a $200,000 transfer to James from an account associated with Biden, occurring just weeks prior. 

The House Oversight Committee is again raising questions because the president “indirectly benefited from his brother’s involvement with the company” through the $200,000 transaction.  

A recent report details that James Biden used his family’s influence to keep Americore afloat. As per the report, James Biden focused his consulting efforts for Americore on his influence as a member of the Biden family. However, despite these connections, the anticipated additional financing for the company never materialized, leading to its eventual collapse. 

In December, a Chapter 11 trustee representing Americore revealed that the $600,000 loan extended to James lacked any accompanying documentation. It was provided in exchange for the assurance of funding from the Middle East, using the Biden Brand’s influence, which ultimately failed to materialize. 

The trustee, Carol Fox, testified before the committee that she sued James Biden, claiming he promised his last name could leverage political connections to secure a significant investment from the Middle East. The lawsuit ended with a settlement requiring James to repay $350,000 of the loan. 

According to a report from the New York Post, James Biden informed Americore founder Grant White that Joe Biden was present during a call discussing the company’s financial difficulties in 2017. White expressed shock at the claim and said he felt “betrayed” by James Biden. 

Additionally, according to White’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee, Joe Biden met with White at his home in Delaware in 2017. During this meeting, White discussed Americore’s business model and challenges with the former vice president but “did not seek any favors or assistance.” 

James Biden landed jobs for three other Biden family members at Americore: his wife Sara, son Jamie, and nephew Frank. Even more concerning, according to the report, several former Americore executives stated that James intended to offer Biden equity in the company, appoint him to its board, and highlight its achievements in a potential future presidential campaign. However, none of these plans materialized due to the company’s collapse. 

Other people of interest in the investigation include Grant White, founder and CEO of Americore, who is accused of orchestrating a Medicare fraud scheme totaling $100 million through overcharging for unnecessary lab tests. White is also alleged to have mishandled the company’s finances, leading to unpaid debts and employee wages.  

Additionally, Mohammed Al-Saadi, a Middle Eastern businessman who claimed to be an investor in Americore, never followed through on his promise to provide funds despite his involvement with the Biden Brand. Furthermore, Al-Saadi purportedly used James Biden’s name to seek investments from other wealthy individuals in the region. 

Even Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the current presidential physician, was implicated when he reportedly attended a business meeting at a Pennsylvania hospital with James Biden after Americore acquired the facility. 

As the web of questionable dealings and murky connections unravels, the saga surrounding the Biden family’s involvement with Americore paints a picture of influence-peddling and dubious financial transactions. The entire episode leaves the unsettling taste of influence, broken promises, and questionable ethics in the mouths of Americans, regardless of political affiliation.