The ‘51 Intel Officials’ Who Lied About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Still Won’t Apologize

Fractal Pictures /
Fractal Pictures /

All 51 of the former US intelligence officials who lied to the American people about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 still refuse to apologize. The election interference op, which was orchestrated by Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken, was a contributing factor in the 2020 election being stolen from President Donald Trump and the American people.

As Hunter Biden’s gun trial got underway this month, both the Department of Justice and the FBI confirmed that the so-called “laptop from hell” is authentic. That’s the exact opposite of what the 51 former intel dorks told the American people four years ago.

The officials all co-signed a letter claiming that the laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” Social media companies viciously censored anyone who stated that the laptop was real. Twitter, before it was taken over by Elon Musk, locked the New York Post out of their account so they could no longer report on the contents of the laptop, which they had verified was real.

The laptop contains all the detailed information about the Biden crime family’s international bribery schemes, not to mention video evidence of Hunter Biden’s slave trafficking and narcotics dealing. Nothing about it was “Russian.” It was all real.

Nearly one in five Joe Biden voters say they wouldn’t have voted for him in 2020 if they had known the laptop was real. That would have been more than enough votes for Donald Trump to overcome all the ballot box stuffing that took place on behalf of Biden.

These shameless liars in the intel community deserve to have their security clearances immediately revoked once Donald Trump is back in the White House. The Department of Justice should also aggressively prosecute them for tampering in the election.