Let’s Go Brandon: Squatters Taking Over Record Numbers of Homes in America

John M. Chase / shutterstock.com
John M. Chase / shutterstock.com

America is falling apart faster than most people imagined it could. Ever since Joe Biden was illegitimately installed in the White House, the quality of life for most people has rapidly degraded. The signs are everywhere. One of the disturbing trends that has been exploding in “popularity” in recent years is squatting in people’s homes. Homeowners go away for a vacation only to come back and discover that strangers have moved in and taken over their house—and it is extremely difficult to get them evicted.

The squatters don’t pay rent and often end up living in nice homes for several months or even years. The National Rental Home Council says that more than 1,200 homes in the Atlanta, GA area have been taken over by squatters.

Four especially brazen squatters turned someone’s five-bedroom, three-bathroom home into an illegal strip club. They brought live horses onto the property and threw wild parties on the weekends. The four individuals also organized illegal street races outside the property, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The only reason why the homeowners were able to evict them so quickly was because the four men were breaking a laundry list of laws. A SWAT team arrested them.

One company in Atlanta is running ads on social media to find someone an available home to squat in for $1,400. Considering the average rent for an apartment in Atlantia is now $1,800, it’s a good deal for a squatter. $1,400 gets you the address, and the company somehow provides a key to the front door. Since you won’t have to pay rent, the ads state that you can “stack money and turn ya life around.”

In the town of Fife, WA, squatters have taken over most of the units in an apartment complex. This has turned life in the complex into hell on earth for the law-abiding families that still pay rent there.

One anonymous resident told KIRO News, “The cops are here 24/7. Every day, every night. I keep my kids inside. I don’t let them out.”

The owner of the apartment complex passed away a couple of years ago. About a third of the apartments ended up empty after a change of ownership, and the property manager quit. After that, squatters moved into all the empty units and boarded them up with plywood. Shootings at the complex are frequent, and locals say crackheads show up often with stolen cars to trade for drugs.

A ring of squatters is making a fortune after a Beverly Hills mansion was seized by law enforcement from a fugitive surgeon. The squatters rent rooms out to people and charge a $100 entrance fee to come to huge parties on the weekends. The home’s listing agent says he believes the squatters are pulling in $30,000 a month, while illegally living in the home. The City of Los Angeles could easily remedy this by shutting off the power and water to the home. But that would require compassion for taxpayers, which is something that modern liberals simply don’t possess.

Online property listings and virtual real estate agents also make the process easier for squatters. They just set up an appointment to look at the home and move in when they get their hands on the keys. Of course, this is all wildly illegal. The bad news is that it takes months in many states to get a court hearing for an eviction and several months after the court ruling to get a deputy to come clear the squatters out.

Welcome to life in America with Joe Biden in charge. Is everyone excited for four more years of decline?