Illegal Aliens Staging Fake Armed Robberies to Apply for Crime Victim Visas

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A group of six illegal aliens from India has been arrested for carrying out a scheme that involved a series of armed robberies. There’s a little-known federal visa category that allows illegal aliens to stay in the country if they are traumatized by being the victims of a crime. It sounds insane, but this is a law that was on the books long before Joe Biden showed up. The problem with this particular type of visa is that it makes for a very tempting way for illegal aliens to obtain legal status to stay in the country.

Between July 2022 and January 2024, the six men hired people to stage fake robberies. They carried out the fake robberies in Tennessee, Louisiana, and Chicago. After each of the robberies, the illegal aliens filed false police reports and then used those to apply for “U nonimmigrant status,” or U-visas. Think of it as the Jussie Smollett form of a visa.

Under current federal law, if a legal or illegal alien becomes the victim of certain forms of crime—robbery being one of them—which causes physical or mental trauma, they can apply for a U-visa and if they obtain it, they get to stay in America forever and leech off the welfare system. Illegals can also get a U-visa if they testify against a criminal in a state or federal prosecution.

The arrested illegals were Parth Nayi, Kewon Young, Bhikhabhai Patel, Nilesh Patel, Ravinaben Patel, and Rajnikumar Patel. They range in age from 31 to 51, according to the indictment. All six of them now face up to five years in prison for conspiracy to commit visa fraud.

Prosecutors say that Nayi and Young planned out the fake robberies, and the four men from the Patel family were the intended victims. The Patels would enter a public place where security cameras were rolling, and then the fake robbers would barge in carrying fake handguns. The play-acting thieves would rough the Patels up a little bit and sometimes punch one of them to make it look real. The fake thieves would then take their wallets and then run away (only to return the wallets later so they could receive payment for their Academy Award-winning performances).

Nayi is accused of receiving thousands of dollars for helping carry out these schemes. Prosecutors think it’s likely that he has staged many of these fake robberies for other illegal aliens as well.

The plan hit a major snag when one of the staged robberies took place in Chicago. If you’re going to hire someone to pretend to rob some people at a liquor store, the most dangerous city on the planet is probably not the best place to do it. Chicago is still averaging 40 shootings every single weekend.

When the fake “robbers” barged in to rough up the Patels, they were carrying actual guns. They robbed the store clerk, the Patels, and several other people in the store. Then, they shot the store clerk in the stomach and fled.

The irony is that the Biden regime will probably grant the Patels U-visas after that last fake robbery turned out to be a real one. It probably was traumatizing since they truly got robbed, and the clerk got shot.

The U-visa program is just one of many scams in our insane immigration system that needs to be reformed or, better yet, completely abolished. These fake robberies have been taking place for years as a way for illegal aliens to scam the system.