World Health Organization Decides to Finally Look into the Origin of COVID-19


The COVID-19 coronavirus was a tragedy released on the world by a bunch of cowardly people seeking to take advantage of the vacuum the virus would create. The first initial detection of the virus came out in China. And all speculation would center around the Chinese playing around with the coronavirus to make it into a weapon.

The Chinese decided to deny all the accusations that were coming their way. They even had the World Health Organization echoing their cover story. Former President Donald Trump saw through their lies and cut funding to the WHO. The world could no longer trust the health organization because they had lied about a deadly virus that would soon claim the lives of millions worldwide.

The Trump administration tried to perform an investigation into the matter but was stonewalled by the Democrats and the refusal of the WHO to help. Along comes Joes Biden, who kills the effective Trump investigation and ends up setting up his independent study into the virus. Biden’s investigation has yielded no information about the creation of the virus.

But now it seems that the WHO has had a change of heart. They have announced that they plan on looking into the matter. The health organization denied the previous accusations but now seems to think that the virus did originate in the Wuhan region of China.

The WHO initially stated that the virus did not come from China. But now, they return and admit that they do not have all the facts and cannot substantiate their previous claims. The agency stated that they will “remain open to any scientific evidence that becomes available in the future to allow for comprehensive testing of all reasonable hypotheses.”

The agency was quick to admit that it may take years to find the natural source of the virus. They have admitted that they did not have the correct information to make the decision a year ago. But they are going to keep an open mind about many of the other thoughts.

CBS News reported, “About a year ago, U.S. intelligence agencies released a report showing they had been unable to determine whether the virus had emerged naturally in animals or come from a lab. A couple months later, the American intel community acknowledged that it was unlikely to ever determine the origins of the pandemic without new information or greater cooperation from China.”

The Chinese government has an insane desire to keep a positive image of itself. They control the media and strictly monitor each story to ensure no adverse information is released. During the initial days of the pandemic, the Chinese expelled many reporters from the country because they were getting close to the truth. They could not let the truth get out and destroy their image.

The Chinese are less than thrilled about the recent admission by the WHO. They have already defended themselves against the renewed calls for an investigation. Logic dictates that the Chinese should welcome an investigation to help clear them of being at fault. But the truth is that they are guilty and do not want the truth to get out to confirm what the world already suspects about them.

Jamie Metzl is part of the WHO advisory group and favors further investigations. But the problem he admits is that China is not going to cooperate. The government is not going to let an outside agency come in and inspect the Wuhan lab.

The communist government is scared stiff with the renewed call for an investigation. They thought that they had pulled a fast one on the world. And now, their refusal to let people come in and look over the Wuhan lab confirms what everyone else is claiming about the virus’s origin.

Donald Trump was right about the origin of the virus. And sadly, there was enough proof to link several Americans to the creation of the virus. The only reason that these people have not been brought to justice is that the Democratic Party continues to protect them.