Woman who Blamed Trump for Chloroquine Ingestion Now Investigated for Murder

Hydroxychloroquine has been a controversial drug ever since President Trump mentioned it about a month ago when talking about how it could help combat the coronavirus that has quickly overtaken our nation. The drug has been used for some time to treat malaria with excellent results, and research has shown that several of its properties could be useful in the treatment of the novel virus as well.

Therefore, Trump suggested that we look into using it more during several national briefings.

However, soon after doing so, a couple in Arizona decided to take the drug. But the results were disastrous. The husband, Gary Lenius, a 68-year-old educated engineer, died, and his wife Wanda (61) was left in critical condition in the ICU.

According to the wife, her husband had received a rather severe leg injury but feared that if he went to the doctor, he would become infected by the virus. So when she found a bottle that had the supposed “cure-all” drug listed as an ingredient in their pantry, she got him to drink it so they wouldn’t get the coronavirus.

Naturally, the media jumped all over the incident, blaming Trump for giving out medical advice on national television that has left at least one person dead.

However, upon looking closer into Gary’s death, some things just didn’t add up. And those facts have led to a more in-depth investigation with Wanda as the prime murder suspect.

Firstly, it was found that what the couple ingested was not really chloroquine but a fish tank cleaner that had the compound in it. Wanda had told the press that she had made “one teaspoon mixed with soda each,” which is reported to be about four times

Now, I know what you are thinking: who in their right mind would knowingly ingest fish tank cleaner?

Well, as it turns out, Gary may not have.

According to several of Gary’s friends, he was a smart individual and not prone to reckless or risky behavior, which leads many to believe that the fish tank cleaner was ingested unknowingly on his part.

One of his closest friends, according to the Washington Free Beacon, said, “What bothers me about this is that Gary was a knowledgeable man, a retired (mechanical) engineer who designed systems for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, and I really can’t see the scenario where Gary would say, ‘Yes, please, I would love to drink some of that Koi fish tank cleaner. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Furthermore, it was noted by friends that Wanda “often made a cocktail of vitamins for Gary.” So it would not have all that unusual for her to hand him a drink that he didn’t really know what was contained in it. And Wanda even admitted that Gary might not have known what it was.

When questioned about whether she and Gary had talked together about ingesting the compound, her response was, “No. I mean, it was really kind of a spur of the moment thing.”

And then there is the fact that numerous sources say the marriage may not have been the happiest one. In fact, police reports show that Gary at one time even had to file a domestic assault charge against his wife, as she was known to get rather angry, abusive, and destructive at times. Once after getting upset at him for coming home late for dinner, it was reported that she destroyed his model airplane collection. Another time it was his laptop.

Detective Teresa Van Galder, who is handling the potential homicide case, has declined to comment on the case since it is ongoing. But her presence alone, and the fact that she has requested all known recordings of the Free Beacon’s interviews with Wanda tell just how serious the possibility of murder may be.

Then again, it could be sheer stupidity. Like I asked before, who ingests fish tank cleaner knowingly?

In either case, President Trump most definitely is not to blame. And once again, the media should really do their research, you know, their job, before going around accusing people of things like this. But as long as there is a Democratic party to side with, we all know that won’t happen.

They’ll keep shoving their foot in their mouth just to prove they can…