Woman Gets Mauled by Her Own Rottweiler After Feeding it a Pot Gummy

sirtravelalot / shutterstock.com
sirtravelalot / shutterstock.com

A woman from Gaylord, Michigan, got a nasty surprise earlier this month when she fed her 82-pound Rottweiler a pot gummy. As she was on the toilet, the dog grabbed her by the arm and proceeded to maul her for the next hour, ripping bloody chunks from her arm and then destroying her apartment. The dog was put down as a result of the attack.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who understands the massive changes that the marijuana industry has gone through amid all the pushes for statewide legalization. Independent journalist Alex Berenson wrote a book about it called, “Tell Your Children.”

The THC concentrations in marijuana today are not the same as they were back when the hippies were smoking weed in the 1960s and ‘70s or when you might have tried it behind your high school in the 1990s. You could smoke pot all day long back then and never pass out from it.

Refined THC concentrations are so high today, however, that things like pot brownies and pot gummies have been known to cause psychotic breaks, which lead to mass murders. Everyone talks about the psychiatric drugs that mass shooters have in their systems but often ignore the fact that almost all of them also test positive for marijuana. The Uvalde school shooter was just one such example last year.

The unidentified Michigan woman’s father says she has been going through a divorce, and the dog has been stressed because of that. He bought the pot gummies for her to try to calm the dog down (and probably didn’t do an ounce of research beforehand). The end result was a week in the hospital, missing chunks of flesh from the woman’s arm, and a dead dog.