Wisconsin Poll Shows Impeachment Support Has Flipped

Naturally, there are a lot of mixed emotions about the ongoing impeachment hearings and the possibility of President Donald Trump being removed from the White House. Here we have a president who has done good things for this country.

Report after report shows how the economy has boomed due to his efforts and how more Americans come home with money in their pockets and fewer taxes. And yet, according to some, he is unfit for office after having made some mistakes that we still aren’t even sure of.

And as the allegations against him continue to be debated in Washington, the public has a choice of their own to make. Well, several actually. Firstly, is the decision of whether he should be removed from office or not. After all, it is the job of our representatives in the capitol to let the rest of the nation know how we feel and what should be done about issues that affect us.

Over the last few weeks, the results of impeachment support polls have fluctuated quite a bit. At first, impeachment was a hastily made decision. But then those who are really pushing for it found “evidence” to support their claim, which turned some in that direction. But now, people seem to be tiring of the idea. Either that or they are realizing just how much of a waste of time and a scam this is.

According to a new poll from Marquette Law in Wisconsin, “40 percent of registered voters think that Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 53 percent do not think so and 6 percent say that they do not know.”

And it continues, “In October, before public hearings began, 44 percent favored impeachment and removal from office, while 51 percent were opposed, and 3 percent said they didn’t know.”

In a matter of just a few weeks, support for impeachment has begun a downward spiral, and according to the demographics involved, it is unlikely that the trend will end anytime soon.

The report notes that both Democrats and Republicans have lessened their desire to be rid of Trump. Naturally, the amount of Republican support for the President was already at an all-time high, but even still numbers rise.

As for Democrats, in October, polls represented that 88 percent were in favor of impeachment, and now that number has lowered to 81 percent. In contrast to the other main parties, independents were the only group to show more support in November for impeachment than before. Last month 33 percent wanted Trump to be impeached, and now 36 percent do.

We must note here that concerning the Democrats’ recent polling numbers, the effect of the hearings is somewhat unexpected. Typically, as arguments on either side ensue, each group tends to double down on their efforts and really dig in on their viewpoints. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the left. What we see instead is a shift in loyalty, or maybe it’s just that they are starting to finally see the truth.

The next question for the public is: If Trump is not impeached, then who will win the 2020 presidential election?

Quite naturally, if Trump isn’t removed from office, he will be allowed to compete for the next term. However, since he is and at that point will have had gone through a quite arduous trial, one would assume his chances to not be so great, especially if recent poll numbers show that only just about half of America even wants him in the office at the moment.

So what does the Wisconsin poll say about that?

Well, according to Marquette Law, in every single matchup and head to head competition, Trump is ahead. Last month is the same poll, he trailed the top three Democratic contenders, even if not by much.

Now, this may not necessarily be all that closely related to support for impeachment in the state. Instead, it may have more to do with an overcrowded Democratic field and the constant infighting that has begun to occur as a result. But we can’t be sure.

No matter the case, it is likely that Midwest states like Wisconsin will once again be the deciding factor in the upcoming election. This means that even if this states’ current poll is somewhat of an outlier, we can’t just ignore it. And it is to be believed; it looks like Trump may get another four years after all.