Why Trump’s Tariff Hike For China Has Been Delayed

Donald Trump has been committed to making sure that the United States is getting fair deals when it comes to trade.

As such, he’s had to play hardball with China. In an effort to get them to agree to better trade standards, Trump is now talking about delaying the next tariff hike for China.

Chinese goods have been getting quite a few tariff increases these days. An additional five percent was supposed to be scheduled in the coming weeks. However, that has been delayed at least until October 15.

Trump said that the tariff on $250 billion was supposed to go from 25 percent to 30 percent. Liu He, the Vice Premier of China, made the request to move the tariff increase. This is a goodwill gesture since the People’s Republic of China plans to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

The US-China trade war has been going on for quite a while. The decision to delay the tariff hike was made after China announced that 16 items were being exempted from the retaliatory tariffs that they have imposed on American products.

The tariff exemptions coming out of Beijing include imports on insecticides, medicines, and various other products. However, it does not include any US agricultural goods.

The Chinese tariffs found on soybeans, corn, pork, and other agricultural commodities have had a severe impact on farmers around the United States.

Something has to be done between the US and China in order to improve trade. However, both sides are being stubborn in order to make sure that trade is good for both countries. This has led to the decision to have high-level face-to-face talks towards the beginning of October.

Trump has been growing more frustrated with China and the lack of progress being made. This caused him to raise the tariffs and for Beijing to respond with tariffs of their own.

In addition to the tariffs that are at 25 percent on Chinese goods, there’s a 15 percent duty on another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods – with the first batch of fees hitting on September 1.

The second batch will hit on December 15 unless some kind of deal is reached so that the trade war can end once and for all.

According to Trump, the tariffs have reached a level that Beijing hadn’t expected. This is causing them to rethink their hardline approach to dealing with the United States. China has been making demands on market access, intellectual property, and more.

Companies are starting to move out of China, which is why they’re ready to make a deal. Them wanting to meet in person in October is a good sign since the last talks happened in July and did not go so well.

The Dems are all about trying to make Dems look bad – and the trade deal has them nervous. Obama was known for making bad deals for the United States because it allowed him to make friends with the world.

Trump is a different type of politician because he’s not really a politician at all. He’s a businessman, and in order to make a deal go through, you have to be ready to apply pressure.

The whole reason that the trade deal is going on with China for as long as it has is that both China and the US have people who want the very best for their countries – and they’re willing to work to make sure that both get what they want.

The good news is that it all looks like it’s coming to an end. China made a grand gesture by making over a dozen items exempt from the tariffs.

The US returned the gesture by allowing China to have their anniversary celebrations without having to worry about another hike – it will be delayed by two weeks.

With parties getting along, at least in a sense, it could have a big payoff for the United States. While Dems have been pressuring Trump to back off of China for months, he has kept on.

It’s for good reason, too. Why should Beijing be able to get better deals out of the US without the US benefitting, too?

Enough is enough. It’s time to stop entering into bad deals. The tariffs have been delayed until October 15. Hopefully, they’ll be delayed inevitably when China and the US can finally reach a mutually beneficial agreement at the beginning of next month.

It could result in a big win for Trump as well as the rest of the country when tariffs on US goods are removed once and for all.