Why Pelosi’s Illegal Immigrant Checks Will Not Happen According to White House

Nancy Pelosi is the chief Democrat that loves to provide illegals with a wide range of benefits that are only reserved for the legal American citizens. She is personally responsible for the development of a $3 trillion bill that essentially gives illegals a ton of benefits they do not deserve.

It also gives them tons of money that they did not earn. The illegals will be free to keep it all. Pelosi is using the coronavirus as a way to hide her illegal desires to fully fund people that do not pay taxes.

Peter Navarro is the White House economic adviser and he is telling Pelosi that there is no way that President Trump is going to approve or sign off on her ridiculous bill that the Democratic-run House passed a few days ago.

Pelosi is hoping that her baby of a bill would pass the Senate and be signed by the president. She hopes that it will become the bill that would help her crybaby Democrats gain traction in the upcoming election.

Navarro is saying that Pelosi and her rhetoric in the bill are extremely hard to follow. He stated in his last interview that her bill is hard to follow. He said that Pelosi lost him as he tried to follow her logic throughout the bill. Pelosi is essentially trying to confuse enough people that they will give up and approve the bill.

But the president is not one of those people that blindly pass bills that they do not understand. President Trump thinks things through before ever signing a bill that has an anti-American agenda attached to it.

Navarro went on to say that “So, Nancy Pelosi lost me with that package when she has $1,200 checks for illegal immigrants, it goes downhill from there.” The best part of her bill gives money to illegals. That alone will be the single reason why the president will veto the bill and place it in the trash can where it belongs.

President Trump and the Republicans have already passed an enormous stimulus plan that has put Americans back on their feet financially. The bill also helped out business owners by giving money to them in forgivable loans so employees can be paid, and bills can be kept caught up. The full extent of the president initial bill has not fully taken effect so there is no reason to put another massive amount of money into a flooded economy.

Pelosi’s bill will simply add to the chaos of an already strained market. The more unchecked money that is put into the economy the worse things will become. But Pelosi knows this as she is hoping to destroy what the president has worked so hard to fix from the previous administration. Obama and his criminal crew regulated the economy so much that is strangled people to the poor house.

Navarro states that there is going to be a lot of changes that will have to be made for Pelosi’s silly bill to work. But her bill is so confusing that it is next to impossible to clarify and explain what her bill is going to do. One thing that her selfish bill allows for is for state and local governments to be given tons of money to help them recover from the coronavirus trouble that has come as a result of the lockdown.

The Democrats want to lock down the country for a longer period even though there is no need to do so. Their purpose is to make more people need their assistance. They want people to be begging for them to send them free money. But the Democrats want to give it all to the illegals.

But the Republicans are not taking this lying down in the House. They have introduced an amendment that would keep illegals from getting the aid. The bill also seeks to minimize ICE so they cannot arrest illegals. Nancy Pelosi and her band of demonized Democrats are all about the freedoms of the illegals. The problem is that the illegals have none in the United States of American because it is not their country.