Why Is The Mueller Testimony Being Delayed?

As if the overzealous Dems needed another way to show that they’re incapable of getting along, the Mueller testimony has now been delayed by a week.

Although this is highly anticipated across Capitol Hill because there’s the notion that Robert Mueller, former special counsel, is going to release some sort of new information (despite him saying multiple times that what he has to say is in his report).

What’s causing the delay?

The House Dems, particularly within the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, can’t come to an agreement. There’s a lot of debate as to how long Mueller should face questions in front of the Judiciary committee.

The original two-hour timeframe, according to Junior members, wasn’t enough time. They wouldn’t have had the chance to question Mueller personally.

Based on the initial two-hour timeframe, half of the 41 members of the Judiciary Committee would have had to sit out the questioning.

The committee was granted three hours, though that may still have to exclude some of the members depending on how long it will take Robert Mueller to answer the various questions.

Apparently, having one person ask the questions and the 41 members to agree upon a list of questions is asking entirely too much.

The Intelligence Committee wants the same time as the Judiciary Committee because Dems are petty like that. They’re arguing like kindergartners over a favorite toy.

They want an extra hour, too, though it’s not clear as to whether they’ll get it or not. A separate, closed-door session with deputies of Mueller has already been called off.

The New Hearing Date

The hearing is now set for July 24. This is one day prior to lawmakers’ month-long summer recess. In the event that there’s another setback, lawmakers will either have to skip their summer recess or wait to deal with Mueller until after they come back.

Dems are getting upset with having to push the hearing back as late as it is because it’s not ideal for their impeachment motives.

Many Dems who have been pushing Pelosi towards impeachment proceedings are hoping that Mueller speaking to the American public will include evidence that will hurt Trump, particularly about his obstructing the investigation.

If Mueller’s testimony were to do any of that, although the report shows none of this, it would reinvigorate the Dems’ efforts to impeach. However, they won’t have the momentum to do such a thing because when the recess takes place.

If they have to wait a month in between when Mueller speaks to when they want to start impeachment, it won’t work. The fire and anger won’t be there – and this means that Trump can enjoy the rest of his term and keep his eye on re-election a bit more.

What the New Deal Allows

By pushing the Mueller testimony back a week, it does give everyone on the Judiciary Committee a chance to get in front of Mueller to ask a few questions. This includes all of the Judiciary Republicans to ask questions.

Prior to the new deal, Republicans slammed Dems for creating a deal that would cut too many of the Republicans out of the equation for being able to ask questions.

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee has finally reached an agreement. Dems and Republicans alike on the committee, all 41 of them, will have the opportunity to speak to Mueller for five minutes.

Most of the problem was within the freshman members of the panel. This begs the question of whether they wanted what was best for the American public or if they wanted a chance at this opportunity for their own personal gain, and for their re-election efforts. As Representative Madeleine Dean (D-PA) said, she’ll be disappointed if “part of that time is cut off.”

Although the new deal allows everyone five minutes in front of Mueller, things happen. One person is bound to ask a question outside of the realm of the investigation, ask for an opinion, or simply go too far.

What then? This is definitely going to be a circus, and many of the Republicans on the committee, as well as others on Capitol Hill, already know it.

As for Mueller, he avoided the subpoena for as long as possible because he has nothing new to share that isn’t already in his 448-page report.

Delaying the testimony and adding an hour to questioning isn’t going to change any of that. It only means that we have to wait one more week for the circus to commence.