Whoa! McConnell Threatens House Democrats Over Proxy Voting

It’s time Democrats who control the House get with the program. The United States of America has a system called the Constitution of the United States of America, which was put in place over 200 years ago.

Democrats do not have the right to change that system or tweak it to fit their agendas. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is slamming the Democrats for the way they are conducting, or rather not conducting business.

The House set up a new rule, which they change as they go along, that they are allowing proxy voting in the chamber. Senator Mitch McConnell is outraged and warning the Democrats they may not take any legislation which passes under their new procedure.

Speaker of the House or the “Wicked Witch of the West,” Nancy Pelosi and the House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer voted on putting a party-line vote so the Representatives would not have to show up in the chamber.

This is not high school where children can skip school. This is Congress, and they need to get their asses back to work. They work for the American people. If the Senate can go in successfully without spreading the virus, then Congress can go in and do what they are supposed to do.

Then again, we are talking about Pelosi here who thinks of herself above the law. As far as we are all concerned, she can lock herself in that fancy freezer she has with all her ice cream, and we can put people in Congress who want to work for the American people.

We have been saying for the last two weeks now the Senate has been in session, where is Congress? They were supposed to be in session this week, but they delayed it again. They are talking about coming back next week after Memorial Day weekend to vote on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which the Senate passed.

Looking at Republicans and Democrats, this should tell the people in “The Great Awakening,” that the Senate is controlled by the GOP and showed up to work. The House is controlled by the Democrats, and they skipped school. The people should know by now who needs to be removed.

Pelosi and the House Democrats expected they would see legal action taken against them from House Republicans. Still, they did not expect Senator Mitch McConnell to step up and take a swing along with other GOP Senators.

McConnell gave a speech on the Senate floor and said, “There will be enormous constitutional questions around anything the House does if they fail to demonstrate a real quorum but plow ahead anyhow.” McConnell has ignored many of the Left’s strikeouts, but he is now giving consequences for their actions, or lack of.

McConnell is looking to slap down anything coming from the House as they find ways to work from home. He does not support the Senate in following these foolish guidelines and keeping a strict schedule with the Senate. His line of thinking is like every Conservative if the Senate can show up to work, then so to can the House of Representatives.

When the outbreak of COVID-19 was at its peak, McConnell allowed the Senators to stay home for their own safety. Now, America needs to reopen, and they are the superheroes who will get the job done. Senators have been working for the last three weeks. The House is full of idiot Democrats who are playing around. House GOP members are ready to work.

So, here is how the new rule is working in Congress. The House has been on an extended recess. The GOP has been fighting tooth and nail to get back to work. Pelosi and Steny pushed for more time off in increments of 45 days at a time.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise will file a lawsuit against the Democrats once they call for a proxy vote to challenge the procedure. If this happens, more division will take place in Congress as the Democrats will stick together and fight off the GOP upcoming bills. In other words, they will hold it hostage.

McConnell has had enough of these games and said, “For about 231 years, Congresses have managed to fulfill this job requirement. They’ve worked through a Civil War, two world wars, terrorist threats, and a prior pandemic without trying to shirk this duty.”

Our generation will forever be stained as the crybabies in Congress doesn’t want to go to work. What a shame!