Whistleblower Lodges Complaint with IRS for an Investigation into Biden’s Taxes

Trevor 1Bexon/shutterstock.

While many U.S. citizens were rushing to meet the tax deadline of April 18, extended from April 15 for this year, President Biden was likely rushing to speak to his lawyer. A Capitol Hill whistleblower lodge a complaint against Biden with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the tax deadline and called for an investigation into President Biden’s back taxes. 

The complaint, filed by former Republican aide Chris Jacobs, alleges that the President of the United States owes at least $127,000 in taxes that have not been paid. 

In this formal complaint, it is stated that President Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, avoided paying Medicare taxes in their 2017 through 2019 joint tax returns. They failed to pay the taxes by using “S Corporations” to funnel $13.3 million and avoid the 3.8% Medicare tax on a massive amount of their earnings.

Chris Jacobs wrote in the complaint, “The fact that in 2018, Mr. Biden doubled his salary to $300,000, even as that year’s profits of his S-corporation declined by more than two-thirds, speaks to a knowledge and awareness that his 2017 salary substantially undervalued his labor in violation of IRS guidelines.”

There is a total of seven pages in the complaint lodged by Jacobs with substantial evidence that the Bidens owe a minimum of $127,000. It asks the IRS to begin an investigation into the procedure used by the Biden’s accountant, Walter Deyhle. 

One of the areas of concern in the complaint is that President Biden’s salary was substantially undervalued in 2017 and 2018 and that enabled him to avoid self-employment taxes. Jacobs wants the IRS to look into the propriety of Deyhle actions and determine if his actions warrant the initiation of the disciplinary process that is prescribed by the IRS. 

There is another concern in the complaint that focuses on the fact that there was a previous tax audit of former President Donald Trump. The complaint says that the IRS declined to audit President Biden’s tax returns from 2017, 2018, and 2019. These returns were not subject to automatic review because Biden was not in a federal office. 

But according to some reports, the IRS reviewed tax returns of Trump for a number of years before he became president. 

Jacobs did an interview with Newsweek and said, “It’s very ironic that President Biden claims that ‘Obamacare is personal to me,’ because I believe that he violated federal tax law to avoid paying his Obamacare and Medicare taxes.” 

He also told Newsweek that voters should be aware that Biden chose his own pocketbook instead of investing in the public’s pre-existing conditions and he chose to make millions by “preserving seniors Medicare.”

The irony of this situation is that Biden just announced a “Billionaire Minimum Income Tax plan for 2023. This plan would “eliminate the ability for the unrealized income of ultra-high-net-worth households to go untaxed for decades or generations.”

Jacobs also wrote an article that appeared in The Federalist that said if President Biden really cared about the rich in America paying their fair share, he would look in the mirror. Jacobs said that Biden should get out his checkbook and wrote one for hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover the Medicare and Obamacare taxes that he has avoided in the past five years. 

When the press reached out to both the White House and Biden’s accountant, they did not respond with comments. 

Once again, the promise of transparency in this White House administration is called to question.