What’s Kamala Shouting “How Dare They” About? Watch

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Kamala will be Kamala…she once again gave a speech that turned into some ranting and raving about abortion. And she did it in all places, Florida.

Vice President Harris held a pro-abortion rally that she originally wanted to take place at the Florida State Capitol building. That request was denied, probably with some input from Gov. Ron DeSantis.

So Harris went to location number two so she could stump for abortion rights in the Sunshine State. In the middle of her speech, she decided to be pretty confrontative. Harris began shouting “how dare they” multiple times at the prospect that the GOP limiting access to abortions.

The problem is more than just her message, it’s the messenger as well. She just has so little political savvy.

Harris was reading her speech line by line and when she got to the intense part, she tried to muster up some real and raw emotion and hopefully conviction. But it ended up being inauthentic.
What is within a person who demands to use the position they have to shout down people who don’t want to kill babies with the message “how dare they” repeated over and over again?

How does one arrive at the logic that to be anti-abortion is a morally deprived position? When she shouts “how dare they” from her bully pulpit, she’s asking how anyone could possibly be opposed to the procedure that ends the life of a baby by vacuuming body parts out of the womb.

How has this issue been turned so upside-down? It is no longer uncommon for Democrats to now support abortion all the way up to birth. We can’t even get the Democratic Party to guarantee medical treatment for babies who survive a botched abortion procedure.

And now we have the vice president of the United States of America yelling “how dare they” to the pro-life constituency in Florida.