What Do The Dems Expect From The Mueller Testimony?

Mueller’s testimony is coming up faster than many people in Capitol Hill are hoping for. This is what the witch hunt Dems have been waiting for – the opportunity to finally get enough information to get Trump either arrested or impeached. They’ll settle for either at this point.

The Mueller testimony wasn’t even supposed to happen. Robert Mueller was asked to conduct an in-depth investigation. It took him two years in order to get everything together. He, then, provided a 100+ page report focusing on the investigation having to do with Russian interference regarding the 2016 presidential election.

When asked to testify, Mueller said that he wasn’t going to. He said that everything that he had to say was in the report. However, like the Dems have a tendency to do, they harped and harped. Mueller had no choice but to agree to a full testimony in front of Congress, which will take place later this month.

What the Dems are Looking For

The Dems want to see proof that Trump was involved in the Russian interference. They want to see that the Russians were responsible for getting Trump into office. They are convinced that the American public voted for Hillary Clinton by a landslide and that there is no way that Donald Trump was able to get into the office without Russia’s interference.

The Dems are going to be asking a number of questions of Mueller – and these are things that aren’t in the report. He will be under oath, so he’ll have no choice but to answer them.

The questions are likely to focus on what they didn’t like about the report. They’ll want to know why he stopped the investigation when he did, what methods he used to investigate, and, then, they’ll ask a lot of questions about what his opinion is on certain aspects of the report.

The Biggest Problem

The Dems don’t want to listen to common sense. They have been waiting for the opportunity to kick Trump out ever since the Electoral College announced that he was the winner.

They’ll accept the hearsay that Mueller has to report about what he thinks may have happened. They’ll spin it in any way that favors him.

It comes down to this, however: no evidence is no evidence. There wasn’t enough for Mueller to say that Trump did or didn’t do what they’re accusing him of.

No digging in the world was suddenly going to reveal something that wasn’t there. It’s why Mueller chose to end the investigation when he did. After all, he and his team were at it for two whole years. That’s a lot of digging.

What Happens Next?

The biggest question that many are asking in Capitol Hill is what Pelosi will do next. If Mueller’s testimony doesn’t provide anything new in comparison to what the report generated, what is their next move?

Pelosi’s caucus is an absolute mess. There are countless Representatives that have called for the impeachment of Trump. Particularly if Pelosi can’t get enough from the testimony to be able to get Trump in jail, which she most likely will not, impeachment will be the only thing that she has left.

In order to appease the outspoken members, she may even move forward with a call to the floor for impeachment. If it actually comes up with enough numbers, it will move over to the Senate where it will be shot down.

Mueller is set to testify on July 17, in front of the House Judiciary Committee for two hours. Then, he’ll have another two (or more) hours of testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

There is also talk that the Democrats want to have Mueller testify behind closed doors. It is unlikely that he would choose to participate if that’s the case. Instead, he would have his deputies answer the questions.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif) said that the closed-door version would occur with the special counsel’s staff. It’s unclear as to whether both committees will hold a joint session or two different ones.

The whole reason that the Dems even want Mueller to testify, according to Jerry Nadler (D-NY), is so that he can do it in public for people to see and hear what he has to say.

It doesn’t make much sense since the average person is more than capable of reading the report, which has also been released.

Attorney General, William Barr, has said that sending a subpoena to Mueller isn’t going to serve any purpose.

The Dems want to create a public spectacle, so there’s simply no reason for it.