We Should Brace for Renewed Violent Protests as Violence and Hate are Reignited (Body Cam Footage)

It’s hard for cops to do their job given the current environment of hate. They’re terrified to do their jobs for fear of what’s going to happen next. In Atlanta, a dead suspect on Friday has only helped to ignite the hate of Black Lives Matter not only in the city but around the country. Two white cops against one black suspect.

Were the cops racist? No. Were they doing their job? Yes. But that’s not going to be how it’s seen because there’s too much blind hatred happening around the country right now. The black suspect in Atlanta was a 27-year-old named Rayshard Brooks. The police were called after getting a call that Brooks was asleep at the wheel in the middle of a Wendy’s drive-thru lane.

He tested above the legal alcohol limit. He had been passed out drunk, not asleep. He was told that he was going to be arrested for drunk driving. Had Brooks acknowledged that he did something wrong and allowed himself to be arrested, things would have ended very differently. However, he chose not to acknowledge that he was in the wrong. He resisted arrest.

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Content

Let’s be clear: he resisted arrest. The bodycams show it. The footage from Wendy’s parking lot shows it. Even the videos of people nearby recording it show it. Brooks resisted arrest.

He also came into possession of one of the police officer’s taser guns. He attempted to use it on one of the officers, which is when they pulled the gun. The gunshot was fatal. Brooks died from the gunshot.

So, according to Black Lives Matter, a black man was shot by two white cops. The story ends there as far as they are concerned.

That’s not the story, though.

With another black man dead, it’s only going to reignite the anger that some people of color have toward cops.

There have been riots throughout the weekend and it’s anticipated to extend well into the week. People are upset, especially as Brooks’ autopsy report comes back to show that he was shot twice in the back. It’s ignited a debate about what is considered force.

Was the use of a gun excessive force once Brooks was in possession of one of the officer’s tasers? When there is a resistance of arrest, how are police supposed to defend themselves if they are not able to use force?

These are the questions being asked by everyone, including the police officers? No police officer wants to do the job if they are unable to defend themselves in an acceptable way. Brooks was violent. He started the fight with the officers – and that is illegal.

So, should the cops have just given up the battle and allowed Brooks to flee on foot? Should they have continued to wrestle him in the parking lot? Should they have allowed Brooks to hold onto the taser and use it on them?

People are angry about what happened, but it works both ways. The police officers are just as angry because they don’t know how to deal with things any longer.

As one protester said, the person shouldn’t have died on the street because he was “drunk at a freaking Wendy’s.” And, she’s right. However, he also shouldn’t have resisted arrest. This is where the protesters have to realize that they are defending criminals.

None of these things would be happening if people were to simply take ownership of being in the wrong. Brooks had the police called on him. It’s not as if the police officers randomly went up to him at a Wendy’s for being black. They showed up on a call because he was intoxicated and asleep at the wheel.

A lot of things “should have” and “could have” been differently. Brooks “should have” gone with the cops. The cops “could have” done something other than issuing a fatal gunshot.

So, because of one man not listening to the cops, more violence will ensure across Atlanta and the rest of the country until a conversation can finally be properly had.