Warren’s Own Brother Proves Her Working-Class Story Fraudulent

Senator and White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was once thought to be one of the most qualified and electable candidates from the Democratic presidential field. However, in recent months, that idea has pretty much been completely thrown out. And it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon.

Especially when Warren keeps telling lies. Or should I say, when her constant lies are found to be far from the truth?

And the latest one to be ruled as fraudulent could do even more damage than her enormous exaggeration about being of Native American ancestry.

According to the Boston Globe and report they put out on Monday, the version her father’s career she has put out there isn’t all that factual. And even her own brother has admitted it.

Warren, from the get-go, has claimed to be of working-class roots, a sad attempt to make her more relatable to potential voters. She said that her father was a janitor. However, Warren’s brother David Herring, says differently.

Pamela Winblood, a longtime friend of Herring and a Warren supporter, said, “When she called her dad a janitor during the early stages of this, David was furious.”

He said, “My dad was never a janitor.” Winblood pointed out that Warren’s father was a “maintenance man” instead.

To be clear, the two positions are somewhat related. However, just about anyone knows that even the most basic job descriptions for these careers are fundamentally different.

A janitor, while often tasked with some maintenance and security duties, is primarily a cleaner or custodian of buildings such as schools, hospitals, and residential structures. They sweep, mop, clean glass, and maintain an overall clean environment for all building occupants.

In contrast, a maintenance man, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a worker who keeps buildings, shops, or equipment in good repair.” The primary service of their position is to maintain, to repair, to fix. When there is a problem with the security system, the plumbing, the electrical, or even pieces of machinery on the premises, they are called in to assess the situation and return them to a safe and working order.

While some may use the term ‘janitor’ and ‘maintenance man’ interchangeably, someone in Warren’s position should not be one of them. After all, she is supposed to be one of the smartest and well-learned candidates ever. And she has had no problem touting that to the entire nation, claiming that America shouldn’t question her but simply trust that she is more intelligent than the rest of us.

Furthermore, as the daughter of a man in either position, you would think that would mean she knows something about the difference.

But, apparently, she isn’t as smart as she lets on.

She isn’t even smart enough to figure out lies or small spins on issues like this will do little to incite trust in the American people.

Not that they have had any reason to believe Warren after her Native American heritage stunt. Earlier last year, it was found out that the Massachusetts senator had claimed to be “American Indian” on her registration for the Texas Bar. And later, she even mentioned that her Cherokee ancestry was so strong that her parents had to elope for fear of his family disapproving.

However, as anyone could tell just by looking at her, Warren’s claims are entirely unfounded. In fact, it was later discovered that the only interaction with her supposed ancestral tribe in the family was by a man who participated in several Indian wars and was even involved in enforcing the Trail of Tears.

A far cry from being what she claims, huh?

It’s no wonder the American people can’t trust her and are beginning to question her every move. And if the polls have anything to say, it is that Warren most likely won’t be in the race for very much longer. It wasn’t long ago that she had pretty much secured second place for the nomination. Now, she’s nearly in fourth.

It seems the American people trust her about as much as the Native Americans did her ancestor. Not at all.