Walmart Customer Attacks Cashier Over Distancing

The liberals are on the attack again as they are beginning to lose their mind. They have no hope so when they are upset or hate what is being done to them they resort to violence to make their point.

Liberals are greedy people. They hoard and take things that they do not need. In one case, a Walmart employee was sprayed maliciously by a woman with Lysol in the eyes. The spraying took place after she was told that she cannot have more cans than was allowed. After all, liberals have to follow the rules as well.

The mysterious woman did not like what the rules were. In a fit of rage, she took a can of the Lysol spray and pasted its contents all over the cashier’s face. Once the spraying was done the unidentified attacker took to the streets of Leicester avoiding arrest. Since the attack on March 27, the woman still has not been identified.

The cashier had to be treated by the EMS. Lysol is a dangerous substance if it makes its way into the eyes. The woman that attack the cashier was said to have completed her purchase and then left after she called an Uber to take her away from the scene of the crime. This is a classic example of the kind of violence that liberals and Democrats have for other people that stand in their way of getting what they want.

The police department is asking for help in identifying the attackers. They have an image of what she looks like. Law enforcement should not have to deal with this kind of violence.

People are wise enough to follow the rules for the benefit of everyone. Except for this inhumane woman that feels she is above the rules and better than everyone else. Every major store chain has limits on what kind of products people can buy. The disinfectant spray is just one of many things that people are limited in their purchases.

The police in Leicester stated that they are “attempting to identify the female in the attached photograph for an ADW that occurred on 3/27 at Walmart. The female suspect was informed by a cashier that there was a limit on the number of Lysol disinfectant cans that she was trying to purchase. The female responded by spraying the cashier in the eyes with the Lysol requiring a response from EMS.” The cowardly attack on a cashier just bought this woman a jail sentence when caught.

There are a lot of people that are having to deal with new rules never before seen in American history. There is no doubt that the clueless attacker will be caught. The police have her picture, they have financial records and travel records from Uber. All they have to do is pull a warrant to see the records from Uber. There is no reason why she should get away with her treacherous crime.

The restrictions that are placed on buying certain items are for everyone to follow. They are in place to help those that truly need a can of Lysol or toilet paper can get what they need for their home.

No one is above the law and the woman that attacked the cashier is going to have a wakeup call soon when the police coming knocking on her door to place her in prison.

President Trump is the first person that will want to see the restrictions of social distancing lifted from the American people. He has hinted in many of his speeches that he wants to lift them as soon as possible. But the time is not right yet. Without the restriction’s things will get bad pretty quick.

The virus has slowed down because it has nowhere to go right now. Without any place to grow and infect people, it will die off soon. Once that happens, all the liberals and Democrats will have to admit that the president was right about how to handle the coronavirus outbreak.