Viral Lockdowns Fuel Riots Around the Country

COVID-19 has been the catalyst of frustration and madness all around the country. The Democrats used the viral outbreak as a means to push the American people to the breaking point. People are tired of being told to stay in their homes. They are sick of not being able to work and now they are falling behind on their bill payments.

Humans are people that need to be outdoors and interacting with others. To not allow people to live is an invitation to trouble. Many officials now believe that the radical push by Democrats to keep people locked up is driving people to violence around the country.

John Berry is a historian that specializes in pandemic history. He stated that “I do think the pandemic aggravated things.” The tension builds within a person to the point that they get angry and end up going on a violent rampage. Most people did not have jobs during the pandemic, so they are stressed financially to the point of explosion.

The problem is not with the people. It is with the nasty Democrats that want to keep them all locked up. Most of the violence is happening in areas that are still under severe lockdown procedures.

Alec MacGillis who has written for a Baltimore Sun has stated that “One can’t understate the role of a pandemic in the protests. For weeks, people have been told to stay home. They’ve had no social contact with large groups, which humans crave. Now, they can.” There is still no reason for all of the violence, but it certainly does not help it when the Democrats push the buttons on people that are already ticked off at them.

Long Before the death of Floyd, there were peaceful protests all around the country over the lockdown. But now it is fueled by hatred of law and the Democrats push to keep people in their homes.

In the state of Minnesota alone, people have been locked up for over two months with no end in sight. All recreational activities were shut down and then they were told that while inside they had to restrict what they were doing.

During that time millions of people flooded unemployment offices looking for money. Dr. Kenneth Eisold, who is a psychoanalyst, stated “No doubt in my mind that the pandemic has eroded people’s capacity to tolerate additional frustration and anxiety. I also suspect that the riots reflect an unconscious protest against the lockdown.”

It is also said that COVID-19 pushed racial barriers to the limit as many felt forgotten by leaders and left to fend for themselves.

The thought is that all of the madness of being locked up has fueled the violent tendencies of people running through the streets. But there has to be some kind normalcy restored or things will slip into ruin long before they ever get better. People started to get their companies opened up again only to have them destroyed by fire from people who were angry at nothing.

But even with all the mindless thought going into the theory of why the protests went violent, Andy Biggs stated that the peaceful protests were taken over by groups of people that have violent agendas. One such group is Antifa. They hate everything about the country to the point that the president is seeking to place them on the domestic terrorist list. Which would essentially make them an enemy of the nation. Antifa is simply a bunch of violent mobsters looking to take what does not belong to them.

The media seems to have lost all focus of their last panic mode of the virus since the violence has started. No one even cares about the virus anymore since people are looting and burning things to the ground. The protests have proven that there is no need to continue to push the viral concern any longer.

The death of Floyd was tragic. But it is not a reason to take to violence. There are peaceful ways of protesting the unrighteous actions of one man. President Trump will defend the integrity of the country if the Democrats do not stop pushing their hatred into the streets.