VIDEO: KKK Hijackers Take Over an Online Church Service

The liberals and Democrats would love nothing more than to see church services become a thing of the past. They have a desire to see anything related to God removed from the public eye.

They would also love to see people trusting more in their handouts than looking to God for their wellbeing. The coronavirus has made it next to impossible for many churches to worship together. They have had to rely on current technology to pull people together.

One such church was the Tabernacle Congregational Church in Salem. They got together and decided that services will be held by using Zoom. They took the time to set up an account and push out to all their people a private link so they could watch and listen as the service went on. But some anti-God people could not leave well enough alone and hacked their way into the Zoom meeting. They are being called “Zoom bomber.”

These sick people took it upon themselves to replace the signal of the service with a Ku Klux Klan meeting. One moment the people are watching their pastor and the next they are involved in some satanic ritual aimed at killing people. The worshippers had their service highjacked by online thugs who thought it a good move to attack the church.

The leaders of the church turned it over to the FBI. It is now being investigated as a hate crime. Hate crimes against the church are nothing new. They usually originate from people that want to see religion and God removed from the country.

In-person, these people attack churches by spray painting the walls and burning the buildings to the ground. Churches at large have to take special steps to keep their people safe. And now it looks like they will have to do it online.

Rev. Joe Amico tells the story that the group wanted to share their screen and that is when they took over. They shared a scene where a cross was being burned and music that was insensitive to African Americans.

There is no end to the vile attacks from the left and their anti-American supporters. The KKK is just one of many groups that hate ethnicity and religion. If they could, they would wipe everyone different than themselves from the face of the planet.

The coronavirus has taken its toll on the church. Thousands of buildings are closed, and millions of people are watching online their services. One would think that they would be safe from these kinds of attacks. But the enemy seeks them out to harm them. Amcio stated that “We have removed links for our services from social media and only give the links to our email list. We feel badly because we had been having visitors join our worship. Now folks have to contact us for the link and be vetted by how they know us.” They have had to add an extra step to keep the wolves away.

The hijacking of the services was something that everyone was warned about. The FBI posted that “The FBI has received multiple reports of conferences being disrupted by pornographic and/or hate images and threatening language.”

There is just no end to the excessive attacks that are coming from people that hate religion and conservative values. The same kind of evil has been directed towards the president from the Democrats since 2016. They have attacked him at every turn.

Zoom has stepped up and tightened its security as well. They posted that they were “deeply upset to hear about the incidents involving this type of attack.” They are also encouraging people that use Zoom and other communication channels to turn up their security to keep creeps from hijacking the meetings.

The evil Democrats and the liberals that hate the country, religion and conservative values will attack at any chance they get. President Trump has been a good example of how to weather the attacks. He lets truth prevail. The evil liberals will fall on their faces when the truth is let out.