Victory: ‘Landmark Legislation’ Passed for Veterans

The veterans of America have served their country with dignity and bravery. Some of them made a career out of serving their country. Still, even more, have been injured in battle and others permanently wounded with a life-changing scar.

The military provides medical care for their own, but from time to time there have been claims of medical malpractice. There have been things done that have led people to wonder if that was the right way to proceed. What is being hailed as “landmark Legislation” will soon become the normal way of operation for all the veterans affected by medical malpractice.

Richard Stayskal is a Sgt. 1st. Class and he has stated that “It’s a huge relief to know there’s better accountability. That service members are getting what they deserve. I’m hoping everybody’s going to share the joy us right now and the happiness that’s deserved for all the ones that feel left behind or forgotten about over the years.” The law that makes all of this possible is the National Defense Authorization Act. It passed with a vote of 86 to 8.

Deep in the bill is the dream of Stayskal. His dream was to provide a provision for veterans that have been neglected with medical care. They now have the power to hold their government accountable for such actions against them. $400 million has been set aside that will allows the Department of Defense to effectively look into reports of malpractice. If it is found that such actions did take place, the person will have their payout internally.

Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma stated that “Everyone involved in this conference, including the Department of Defense recognized the importance of fixing the medical malpractice issue in a common-sense fashion.” This was a no brainer for everyone. When things happen that shouldn’t people are affected horribly.

Such is the case with Stayskal. When he went to the doctor for the treatment he was misdiagnosed with pneumonia. What he had was a terrible case of cancer. It would be some time before he would start to receive the treatment that he would need to live. As a result, his life expectancy has been shortened. But something good has come out of his misfortune. Laws are now being changed to help others that are coming after to not have to go through what he did.

Stayskal would voice that “It’s just an amazing feeling overall right now. I don’t have the words to describe it. It’s a victory for everybody. For all the service members across the board.”

His actions not only prove the problem can be fixed, but it also shows that any person that has a clear issue worth fighting for can change things if they are willing to see it through to the end. His attorney would say “Never say never.” It pays to keep fighting for what a person believes in. She would go on to also mention that “There’s always an opportunity to make things better,” she said. “Especially for our military.”

There has been opposition to the changes and for good reason, but Stayskal would not stop fighting for what he believed was a critical issue for all military veterans. Many in the Senate had their reservations, but when the time came to vote on this bill with the protection in it, the bill would pass with almost unanimous support. Stayskal also enlisted the pen of honest journalism to help get the word out. He is also a person that gives credit where credit is due.

His efforts are being praised as a victory for all veterans afflicted with a lack of professional care. He hopes that doctors will now do a better job of looking at what is happening with their patients.

Veterans only deserve the best that America has to offer because they made it all possible. They served their country, and they should not be left out of receiving the benefits of what they fought for. President Trump is pro-military, and he has always supported the troops. He has also made it a point to strengthen the military and fight for enough funding for them to do their job.