Vicious Democrat Mayor Deporting His City’s Illegal Aliens to Canada

Gustavo Frazao /
Gustavo Frazao /

We’ll say one thing for Democrats. They are truly vicious with their precious illegal alien pets when they start moving into their own neighborhoods. That’s not part of the plan! They’re supposed to move to red states! New York City Mayor Eric Adams has now been caught deporting illegal aliens to Canada. The situation has gotten so bad that the sanctuary government of Canada is telling Mayor Adams to knock it off.

“Stop sending us your trash, Mayor Adams! We already have all the diversity we need here in Quebec whenever Justin Trudeau wears blackface and a funny costume!”

The illegal alien-friendly Mayor Adams has been huffing and puffing in front of the television cameras about how the illegals are gobbling up resources that were meant for New Yorkers. He’s been taking over hotels and the Port Authority to give free housing to thousands of the invaders. But the illegals have such a sense of entitlement that they don’t want to move into the shelter at the Port Authority.

So, when the TV cameras are off, the New York Post reports that Adams has been buying bus tickets to Quebec for the illegals. He tells them that they will love their new homes in Canada, a land of milk and honey, cradle-to-grave welfare, and “free” socialist health care. Lured north by the promises of this amazing place called Canada, the illegals are accepting the bus tickets.

The Post notes that many of the illegals change their minds when they get to the border. The level of education for most of the invaders is so low that they’ve never heard of Canada, and don’t realize that it’s a very cold place despite the promises of Mayor Adams. The Governor of Texas is dumping the illegal alien problem in New York by sending busloads of them up there.

And Mayor Adams is responding to the Biden border crisis by trying to deport the illegals to Canada. This is hilarious, and all patriotic Americans should support Mayor Adams’ efforts to hand the problem off to Canada.

It’s just like when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a couple of dozen illegals from Venezuela to Martha’s Vineyard last year. The idyllic, progressive island community where everyone is whiter than Elizabeth Warren, and where every home has BLM and “Love Trumps Hate” yard signs, went totally ballistic.

They called in the military to deport the illegals from their all-white (except for the Obamas) island community. Then they all stood there and cried fake tears as the military deported the illegals, and told the news media how they had been “changed” by helping the illegals so much for about 24 hours.

Don’t mess around with the Democrats on this issue. Their intent is for all of the illegal aliens to crowd into red states and turn them blue by voting illegally for Democrats. They don’t want the illegals in their own backyards.

It kind of fills you with a sense of dread when you think about how vicious the Democrats are to the illegals. What’s happening to the ones that Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is dumping in front of Kamala Harris’s house in Washington, DC? Are they all in a mass grave someplace?

Is Mayor Adams a hypocrite for deporting his illegal aliens to Canada? Sure, but that’s a criticism that never impacts a Democrat.

The real takeaway from this is that all American voters, whether they are Republicans or Democrats or Independents, should have a unified message for the illegals: No one wants you here. Go home.