Venezuela Giving Iranian Tankers Escort

Venezuela and Iran continue to defy sanctions and orders from the United States not to buy Iranian oil. Venezuela is proving to be more of a problem than they are worth.

They have announced their efforts to send their pathetic navy to escort the tankers to their shores in an act of defiance to the world. They are trying to show a picture of strength to the world. Everyone already knows that they are desperate for some gas simply to fuel the ships burning it at sea.

These two rogue nations are threatening anyone that tries to stop the gas from being delivered. Iran makes bold claims that there will trouble if anyone tries to get in the way.

So far, they have not given anyone reason to fear their retaliation. Their best efforts have only been to drop a few bombs on deserted areas. Both countries are so poor because of their rebellious and greedy leaders that the only people suffering are innocent citizens.

It is easy to say that the people in Venezuela will not see a drop in the gas that is headed their way. Their selfish socialist leader will just hoard it all for himself. After all he has to send out the navy and the air force to bring it in. The gas will be used to power their war machines so they can continue to oppress their people.

Maduro, the socialist dictator in Venezuela stated that “We’re ready for whatever, whenever.” Words of defiance as he boasts of his inability to help his own people. His country has tremendous potential to be wealthy and strong because of its own oil reserves.

But his socialist views have destroyed the country to the point that they cannot even drill and refine their own oil. Instead they have to rely on a terrorist government to supply gas for their people.

Socialism is a form of government that requires reliance on others for support. In this case they have relied on the most hated nation in the world which is Iran.

Iran and Venezuela have sanctions imposed on them by the United States. Their forms of government on cruel and causes a lot of pain and death for their people. Both nations are dishonest and have a desire to enact painful terror anywhere they can.

And until that changes, the sanctions will stay in place. The push to change the evil leaders of these nations only benefits other oil producers as the market is wide open.

President Trump is not taking the threats lying down. The United States military is in full force near Venezuela. Their presence in the region is because of the increase in crime that has popped up around the country because they lack the power to do anything about it. Iranian ships will have their escort as they get within 200 miles of the coastline.

The economy of the South American nation is in shambles because their president is a terrible person. Millions of people have fled the country because they were starving and lacked supplies to survive. The nasty president has also robbed his own people for his selfish greed.

Juan Guaido, who opposes the corrupt leader has stated that the gas was paid for in gold that was stolen from mines in the southern parts of the country. Maduro went in and attacked his own people to steal their money and gold. This is the way that socialism works. The evil leaders come in and take whatever they want for their own gain.

President Trump is not intimidated by the Iranian leaders or sad Maduro. These two little nations can do whatever they want because it will not make a difference in the end when the United States puts the final chokehold on them.

Either the nations give up their illegal and harmful practices or they will run out of money and oil. At some point there will be a tipping point where they will have to agree to change their ways. President Trump is a patient president. He will simply wait them out and then he will have them right where he wants them, in a place to make honest deals.