Vaccine-Injured Americans Sue the Biden White House for Censoring Them

Negro Elkha /
Negro Elkha /

A group of people who were severely harmed by the COVID vaccines has launched a lawsuit against the Biden regime for censoring them on the internet. The plaintiffs are arguing that the White House violated their right to Freedom of Speech by viciously censoring them from telling their stories on various Big Tech and social media sites.

The lawsuit states, “Through threats, pressure, inducement, and coercion, Defendants now work in concert with social media companies to censor content the government deems ‘disinformation,’ ‘misinformation,’ and ‘malinformation’—a feat that the government could never lawfully accomplish alone.”

The injured parties who are suing the Biden regime include Ernest Ramirez, whose son was killed by the Pfizer shot. The GoFundMe website took down his fundraiser at the Biden regime’s request because it supposedly violated company standards. Nikki Holland posted videos on TikTok outlining the severe vaccine injuries that she suffered, but her videos were taken down because they were supposedly “violent.”

Shaun Barcavage is a nurse who has been on disability leave since being injured by a COVID shot. All of the surviving plaintiffs suffered debilitating, life-altering injuries from the COVID shots.

Among the government officials being sued are Joe Biden himself, his press flack Karine Jean-Pierre, the CDC, the Department of Homeland Security, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and a host of others. The Biden regime desperately wanted the American people to not be able to hear the truth about the dangerous COVID shots that they tried to force on everyone.

Millions of people suffered illness, permanent injury, or even death because of the vaccines that the government insisted were “safe and effective.” The fact that Team Biden tried to cover up those injuries with the help of Big Tech companies, makes the situation even more disturbing. We should all hope that this lawsuit prevails because there need to be consequences for what these people have put the country through.