VA Governor Takes Credit for “De-Escalation” of Protest

In light of recent events in Richmond this week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is no doubt very thankful that the massive pro-Second Amendment rally went so smoothly. But thankful to the protestors themselves or his constituents, he most certainly is not. Or at least he hasn’t expressed that as of yet.

Instead, the only thanks he has offered for a job well done is to his own staff and employees, essentially taking credit for the peaceful event himself.

He is still playing into the narrative that he spewed before the event, that it would be a dangerous and violent time if he didn’t do something about it. And so, of course, since nothing violent did happen, he claims all the praise.

He said in a statement, “We are all thankful that today passed without incident. The teams successfully de-escalated what could have been a volatile situation. I will continue to listen to the voices of Virginians, and will do everything in my power to keep our Commonwealth safe.”

It couldn’t have possibly had anything to do with the 22,000 individuals who chose to peacefully protest in our nation’s honor, right?

I mean, does he honestly think he had so much control over a crowd of that size? Does he honestly believe he could have stopped them if they had come for other reasons? Reasons that he swore every protestor there had on their mind.

After all, it was only on Wednesday that he had declared a “state of emergency” in his nervousness for the upcoming rally. His explanation for this rather rash reaction was that he believed “malicious plans” were afoot, and he feared that it would be a re-enactment of a white supremacist disaster that took place in Charlottesville in 2017.

Northam had said in a press statement that “out-of-state militia groups and hate groups” were “planning to travel from across the country to disrupt our democratic process with acts of violence.” He insisted, “They’re not coming to peacefully protest. They’re coming to intimidate and cause harm.”

Oh, they caused harm, alright, harm to the governor’s rule. They stood up for what is right and just and constitutionally fair. But there was absolutely no violence to speak of. Of the 22,000 individuals, about 15,000 of which were armed, only one was arrested, a woman who refused to take off a bandana.

But, of course, rather than admitting defeat, Northam is going to take this as a win for himself, regardless of the very little “de-escalation” that was actually done.

As many have pointed out, the only thing Northam did was create a feeling of hysteria throughout the state, one that was completely unfounded. And then when things ended without incident, he took credit for it.

As one citizen said, oh so well, “If you have to declare a state of emergency to protect your regime against law-abiding citizens, you might be a tyrant.”

Those words couldn’t be more correct.

Governor Northam obviously thought, or at least wanted America to think, that the thousands of protestors who arrived in Richmond would behave just like so many on the far left do when they are unhappy about something. They show up, hurl hate, and put everyone in danger.

But that isn’t what happened. Instead, America saw what protest is supposed to be like. We were given a demonstration of peace, of hope, and a willingness to fight for our rights.

And it destroyed every bit of the left’s narrative about guns being the problem. Furthermore, it proved that those who defend our Second Amendment are not hate-filled white nationalists, bent on racism and misogyny. Instead, people of all colors, all religions, and all backgrounds proved that we can live together in harmony and peace.

These people came together to let the world know that Americans, no matter what they look, sound, or appear to be, need and love our Second Amendment. And no one, not even a “blackface wearing tyrant” as one Virginian called Northam, is going to take that from us.