Chinese Using American Media In COVID-19 War

Chinese Using American Media In COVID-19 War

( – For more than a week, President Donald Trump has stood in front of the press every day to update the country on the latest COVID-19 news. During the Q&A portions of these sessions, the media attacks him — then they go off and print articles about how horrible he is. Now, China is using these American media stories to spread anti-US propaganda on Twitter.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian spearhead the campaign when he claimed the novel coronavirus originated in the US.

Then Chinese news accounts began retweeting negative stories the mainstream media has published.

Zhao also retweeted prominent reporters like Politico’s Kate Brannen, as well.

The Chinese official had plenty of material to pick from with CBS, the New York Times, and Washington Post all publishing disparaging stories on a regular basis. All these organizations are attacking their own president and fueling the propaganda war China is waging against the US.

President Trump gets a lot of flack for calling the press out for their nonsense, but this is why he does it. When a foreign government uses the words of the media to attack our commander-in-chief, there’s a problem. The question is: Will the media change their ways?

Probably not.

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