United States Seeks Sanctions on China

China has finally been caught in the act of going against the leaders of the world. United States officials have come to learn that China is defying sanctions placed on Iran.

It has been discovered that the rogue nation of China has been importing a million barrels of oil from Iran each month. Now it is time to strike back.

Any nation caught buying oil from Iran is supposed to have sanctions placed on them as a penalty for their deceptive support of Iran.

It is time for the United States to show its resolve and sanction China to the point that they are crying out for help. The heroes on the security council are pushing hard for lawmakers to stand up and do the right thing and place sanctions on China.

Placing Sanctions on China would send a clear message to the rest of the world that the United States means business. It would tell all other rogue nations that their time is short for dealing illegally with Iran. They will be found.

Iran deserves zero oil exports. They have repeatedly attacked innocent people and denied doing the deed. They have illegally exported their oil. And they are in the process of developing nuclear weapons again.

They are a nation that cannot be trusted. President Trump was right to pull the United States out of the bad deal that Obama put everyone in. Obama and the rest of the dorky Democrats are Iranian sympathizers that would love America under their control.

China is openly defying the world by importing millions of barrels of Iranian oil each month. The Republicans and the President are right in wanting to enforce international law on China. They must pay for supporting world terror from a country that targets innocent people.

China has demonstrated that they really do not care what others think. If this is their attitude, then anything they say at the negotiation table must be met with skepticism.

China is trying to hurt the United States in the eyes of the world by openly defying the sanctions on Iran.

Iran continues to enrich its nuclear weapons material and it is now only a matter of time before the test their next bomb. And the world would have China to thank for their support on terror.

Iran never had any intentions of honoring the 2015 deal. The only reason they did early on is that the United States was the threatening force behind the treaty.

Now that America is out of the way the world is seeing what Iran thinks of all the other European nations. They will not listen to any of them because the European nations have no muscles behind their threats.

The more Iran openly defies the world along with China the greater the tensions are going to be. China supports terror at this point and must be dealt with accordingly.

They have always secretly opposed the United States, and they do so now with their oil imports for Iran. The world knows that the idiotic leader of Iran is using Chinese money fund his nuclear program.

In an effort to gain support against Iran the United States presented the truth to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the nations there was no help.

They are just afraid that they are going to have a bomb dropped on them for standing with the United States. This really boosted Iran’s confidence that world nations are cowardly to do the right thing and stop Iran from enriching uranium.

The United States has been the force for the past hundred years that have stopped evil from reigning over the world. It looks like the nation will have to do it again as it stands up to Iran.

President Trump will continue to tighten the sanctions on Iran and now it looks like China is next. President Trump needs to make an example out of them so other nations get the point that the United States is not to mess around with.

America will no longer sit back and be taken advantage of anymore. President Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate are the heroes of the nation as they defy evil and set things right each day.