U.S. Navy is Set to Defy Commander in Chief

There are a few soldiers who defy authority and direct orders, and they suffer the consequences.  It takes either a brave soul or a stupid person to go against the Commander in Chief when he has spoken.  President Trump has restored a U.S. Navy SEAL’s rank after receiving a court-martial.

The Navy brass is set to defy the Commander in Chief and remove Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher from the SEALs.  Forty-year-old Gallagher was court-martialed for committing war crimes in 2017 when he was deployed to Iraq.

The military jury acquitted Gallagher in July of the charge of murdering an ISIS prisoner.  But, Gallagher was convicted of illegally posing with the deceased ISIS prisoner.  Instead of prison time, Gallagher was demoted with a pay cut.

Trump reinstated Gallagher back to his former rank and pardoned two other Army officers who were also accused of war crimes while in Afghanistan.  The military is now claiming Trump undermined the justice system of the military, and they fear it will allow others to follow in these atrocities.

A U.S. official stated, “Gallagher and three other SEALs are likely to be notified on Wednesday that they must appear before a board that will decide whether they should be stripped of their SEAL status.”

Officials added the process could be stretched out for weeks, but senior Navy leaders support the review of Gallagher’s status.  If he is stripped from the SEALs, his career would either be over, and he would be forced to retire or go for another position.

Reuters interviewed Timothy Parlatore, who is Gallager’s civilian lawyer, and he told them, “The move to take away Gallagher’s Trident pin designating him as a SEAL was being driven by Naval Special Warfare commander Rear Admiral Collin Green.”  Parlatore explained he filed an inspector general’s complaint against Green.

This act could land Green court-martialed for insubordination and defying the Commander in Chief.  Parlatore stated, “He’s making some suicidal power play against the president.  He has to know this is the death knell for his career. He’s chosen this hill to die on.”

The Navy Times newspaper reported, “Gallagher’s Special Warfare superiors planned to meet with him in California on Wednesday morning to inform him that a Trident Review Board has been convened.”

In a 16-page complaint was posted in the Navy Times, and Green had a meeting with his staff on Monday and “made clear his contempt of the president and disagreement with the president’s decision and declared he intended to remove… Gallagher’s trident anyway.”

The complaint stated, “It is incomprehensible to understand how given the commander in chief’s clear guidance that Green thinks it is appropriate to countermand this and increase the punishment.

Moreover, no flag officer should ever be speaking contemptuously of the commander in chief in front of his subordinates.”  The Navy Times also reported Naval Special Warfare Spokeswoman Captain Tamra Lawrence called the assertion “patently false” concerning Green’s contempt for the Commander in Chief.

President Trump made the decision last Friday he was going to restore Gallagher’s ran, and it was noted as the fourth time the president has gotten involved in the Navy SEAL’s case.  If Gallagher were fully convicted, he would have received a life sentence.  The military courts are nothing compared to the civilian court system and are much stricter.

When Gallagher went through the three-week trial, it was considered a victory for him since he did not get reprimanded all of the charges.  In that sense, the military court was lenient and fair considering his time served.

The demotion was harsh for someone who was a combat veteran, two time Bronze Star recipient, and after almost twenty years in the military, he was getting close to retirement.  The retirement could have played a significant role as to why the president pardoned him.

Gallagher’s defense was there were disgruntled subordinates who accused him first without walking in his shoes.  The accusers had no wartime experience.  He claimed it was allegations based only on grievances on his leadership tactics and style.  It was a case that could have shattered all the time spent serving our country, but Gallagher was fortunate to get pardoned.  Haters will hate, no matter what.

President Trump has his reasons for pardoning Gallagher, but it was not an effort to undermind the military justice system.  There have been quite a few soldiers in the military who received pardons from their Commander in Chief since the birth of our country.