U.S. Media Being Paid to Advertise Chinese Propaganda

China is one of those nations that just seeks to harm others at every turn. They look for ways to manipulate and cheat people and nations simply so they can get ahead. The communist nation must, at all costs, promote a positive image of itself in order to brainwash its citizens into thinking that they are great and benevolent.

So, the government must control all sources of media in the country. This is the reason why China kicked all the journalists out of the country that was reporting on the truth of COVID-19. All the reporting was giving China a bad name.

China also has found a propaganda ally within the United States to push its agenda. They have joined forces with the liberal and Democratic media that seek to defame the United States as a nation.

Over the past four years, the Justice Department has reported that the dangerous Chinese have paid over $19 million to liberal American media and newspapers. The China Daily is the communist-run newspaper, and they are the ones publishing their lies in American sources.

The report from the Justice Department showed that The Washington Post received $4.6 million from the communist paper. The Wall Street Journal received nearly $6 million in payments for their services to spread the fake news from the east. Each one of these papers runs a segment that is called the “China Watch.”

This is the platform from which the communist people get their fake news out to the world. Each printed article may look like real news, but they are in fact a propaganda piece trying to portray China as a caring nation.

The articles are also designed to incite fear and terror in American lives. During one publication in 2018, the Chinese ran a piece that was called “Belt and Road aligns with African nations” and another called “Tariffs to take a toll on U.S. homebuyers.”

The pieces reported that the tariffs put in place by President Trump was going to kill the housing market in the United States. Truth be told the housing market never did collapse and it certainly did not take the hit like the Chinese were trying to report.

The report also stated that “The New York Times was paid $50,000, Foreign Policy was paid $240,000, The Des Moines Register received $34,600 and CQ-Roll Call got $76,000.” Twitter was also paid $265,822 for advertising on its social media platform.

There just is no end to the ways that the Chinese leaders are attempting to hurt the people of the United States. They are purposely lying in their content pieces hoping to instill fear in people. This is the same kind of scam reporting that the Democrats do each time they take to the airways.

There are a lot of other agencies that are on the payroll of the communist nation. The report showed that “The Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Chicago Tribune, The Houston Chronicle, and The Boston Globe are all listed as clients of China Daily.” The Democrat-controlled media will do anything for money. Including reporting on communist drama and attacks to the American people.

One can only imagine if the figures coming from China are accurate. The Justice Department requires the China Daily to state how much they pay and what they are doing. They are being watched as to what they are saying through the American media.

Their attempt to keep from telling the truth and giving a false image of the country cost them a lot of money each year. This is money that could be used to help heal the damage from the China virus that spread over the planet. But, China refuses to take responsibility for their actions.

President Trump is one president that puts America first. The attempts by the media and China to defame the country all have fallen short of success.

President Trump promised to make America great again and that is exactly what he has done for the nation. Communist China is simply jealous of the greatness that continues to allude them but defines the United States.