Two Clinton Donors Indicted for Illegal Campaign Contributions

It seems that the more we learn about the Democratic Party, the more we realize the need for a serious change, and this latest news is also a reminder that the right candidate won in 2016.

For anyone who has been paying attention, and not even necessarily all that closely, you will have noticed a plethora of news lately, regarding some questionable behavior surrounding the Dems. From the leading Democratic Presidential front runners to Democratic aides, swarms of reports regarding these activities have littered the media.

So maybe it isn’t so surprising after all, this push for impeachment, because sometimes diversion can be the guilty’s best ally.

Infidelity, theft, inappropriate interactions, coercion, tax evasion, illicit sexual behavior, and so many other questionable behaviors surround those within the Democratic Party. From top to bottom. A recent report regarding another prominent Dem and former Democratic Presidential nominee in 2016, Hilary Clinton, added to this list.

According to the story, two of Clinton’s campaign donors were recently indicted on counts of more fraudulent money-based schemes. The report stated that “two Lebanese-American businessmen have been indicted for their role in a scheme to funnel $3.5 million in illegal campaign contributions to political campaigns in 2016.”

Does the name, George Nader ring a bell? It might because he was a “key” witness in the Mueller investigation of the bogus Trump Russia campaign collusion.


More likely, it was just illegal activity finally uncovered, but that is only alleged at this point. The charges filed against Nader, and Ahmed “Andy” Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet (an online payment processing company), were for attempting to disguise $3.5 million.

As our story reported, the two men “… were indicted for conspiring to conceal a $3.5 million contribution from Nader by making them in the name of Khawaja, his wife and his company, Allied Wallet Inc.”

Almost in a clever-but-suspicious Clinton style, and despite a 53-count indictment, the candidate to whom the contribution was for is unnamed. We know, curious right? Regardless, as the story pointed out, the financial records of the Clinton campaign clearly make the link obvious.

As is often the case with such borderline cases where a contribution comes into question, it is rarely ever going to implicate the recipient. Despite the obvious reasons for that, there is still enough common-ground to make it difficult to believe she was completely oblivious to the facts.

In any event, this is only another skeleton falling out of the Democratic closet, that is beginning to look more like a graveyard, and in more ways than one. There have been recent whispers about a last-minute bid and one more run for Hilary Clinton.

No doubt in some part due to the lack of viable Democratic candidates to oppose President Trump. And just as those whispers begin, “thud,” was that – a bone?

This latest story also reminds us that the Democratic Party has been in disarray for more than just the past few years too. It may be getting worse, but it hasn’t been good for some time now.

It is no secret that when someone, Democrat, Republican, or Independent, decides to run for office that scrutiny comes with that decision. In all fairness, much of it should as well, because we want to know who is running the country – and we should know.

Here is a funny thought, what if Hilary Rodham Clinton had won in 2016. The Dems had to create a mystical series of events that they are now propelling as a cause for impeachment.

Clinton has left a paper trail and who knows what else, and that was the result from only a whisper of a possible run for office. How hard would it be to take down President Trump if they had documented evidence? Like a financial trail for example?

Of course, there is no evidence and that is also why this dog and pony show has taken so long. If Nader and Khawaja are found guilty though, it may only be a matter of time before that trail leads to others. Karma, it can be a fickle creature.