Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Second Nashville Murder in One Week

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Kevin Joel Castro-Garcia is a dangerous career criminal and an illegal alien from Honduras. The Obama administration deported him once in 2010, and the Trump administration deported him a second time in 2018. Joe Biden allowed Castro-Garcia to just walk back into the country, no questions asked. Because of that, two Nashville residents were allegedly killed by Castro-Garcia during a murder spree a couple of weeks ago.

Police say the first murder took place during the last week of September. They allege that Castro-Garcia shot 37-year-old Elmer Miranda-Martinez and stuffed his body in the trunk of a car. Castro-Garcia then drove the vehicle to a wood area, where police say he set the car on fire.

The police linked Castro-Garcia to that murder and arrested him on October 10th. He was in jail and being held without bond when police found a second murder victim on Friday of last week.

Police say 26-year-old Brandon Rivas-Noriega was reported missing on October 5th. His family members started receiving weird text messages from Rivas-Noriega’s phone, claiming that he was in trouble and needed money. The reality, according to police, was that Castro-Garcia had killed Rivas-Noriega and stuffed his body in the trunk of a stolen car. The text messages were a morbid ruse designed to trick the victim’s family into giving him cash.

Police say that Castro-Garcia had chopped several tattoos off the victim’s body, presumably in order to hide the victim’s identity. The illegal alien who Joe Biden let into America has now been charged with two counts of criminal homicide and one count of abusing a corpse.

Murder sprees like this don’t have to happen in America. Every American who is murdered, raped, robbed or otherwise brutalized by an illegal alien is a crime that was 100% preventable. We have to be willing to police our own border if we want to prevent things like this happening, though.