Turns Out Biden’s White House Completely Lied About the Chinese Spy Balloon

Sergii Figurnyi / shutterstock.com
Sergii Figurnyi / shutterstock.com

When news broke that the US had found a weather balloon flying over Montana in mid-February, many Americans became suspicious. How had it gotten there, how long had it been there, and what was President Biden going to do about it?

It turns out Biden knew about this when it first entered the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and watched it fly over Canada. When the American public learned about it over Montana, they still let it stay floating until it was shot down over the ocean. Initially claiming it was a civilian balloon when it was shot down, it was quickly unearthed that it was, in fact, a sophisticated Chinese spy balloon.

Even when this evidence came out, the White House claimed that it was only about to take photos, so the government showed what it wanted the Chinese to see. They also claimed that while it was controlled remotely by the Chinese, they still tried to claim that it couldn’t transmit back data, so all was safe.

Now, an NBC News report has blown a hole in that whole theory.

According to the report, it wasn’t flying over the US to gather photos. Instead, it was here for data and intelligence gathering by harvesting communications signals. Controlled by the Chinese, the balloon transmitted the data back to officials in Beijing in real time too. While the White House has so far refused to confirm the report, they claim they limited the intel the balloon could gather as it sailed along.

Just a day later, on April 3rd, a Department of Defense spokesman Sabrina Singh said that intel is still coming in and the FBI are still studying the debris. “We do know that the balloon was able to be maneuvered and purposely driven along its track. We’re still doing an assessment of what the intel was that China was able to gather but we do know that the steps that we took provided little additive value to what they’ve been able to collect on from satellites before.”

Despite their refusal to identify what bases the balloon flew over, from data that has been compiled between government releases and observers, it would appear as though strategic training grounds, missile depots, nuclear bases, and submarine testing in remote Alaska all may have been the targets for their intel gathering.

Two weeks after the US had their encounter, Taiwan reported a downed balloon on their coast with similar technology on board. Unflappingly, the DOD has recently stated that China does this across the globe.

A revelation like this doesn’t mean the American feel safer knowing everyone else has it happening to them too. If anything, this makes things more suspicious because the American people are expected to have a higher standard for themselves, and our leadership. Yet, here goes President Biden and the 2/3 full cup of lukewarm tapioca pudding he calls a functioning mind trying to guide the country around by the nose.

Despite the will of the American people to elect this geriatric retiree to stay in office, we have been able to endure some of the worst and most rampant inflation in the last 30 years. Everything from toilet paper to dog food to homes all cost at least 10% more than just two years ago. Yet, the income Americans are taking home has only maintained pace, if not fallen behind the rate of inflation.

This has made the entire nation weak as a result of his ineffective and incompetent leadership. China’s balloons should have been taken down over Alaska or early into Montana where the civilian population is low. He chose to allow it to have unfettered arial access to American bases and assets from sea to shining sea. Inaction like this is treasonous and he should be facing impeachment for this alone.