Turkish Bank Stands with Iran

Iran has been proven to be a sneaky and untrustworthy nation once again. Federal prosecutors have officially charged the Turkish Bank Halkbank with being involved with a billion-dollar scheme that is designed to skirt the sanctions that are in place against Iran.

Iran and the Turkish Bank are working together intending to strengthen Iran behind the scenes. Top officials at the bank were helping the terrorist nation move its oil money illegally, so they could continue to operate.

Over the past several years the bank allowed Iran to spend its money from oil sales. It has enabled them to be able to spend their money using international markets.

This has violated United States sanctions. The sad part of all of this is that bank officials were bribed into silence and into a willingness to help. Their price for betrayal was simply millions of dollars.

Iran is a terrorist nation that has no problem sneaking around behind the backs of others to achieve their evil goals. The terrorist regime has attacked innocent people and killed many.

They even come up with excuses to rationalize their evil deeds. Like the Democrats, they usually just blame their problems and actions on other people.

The bank has been charged with bank fraud, money laundering and defraud against the United States. Assistant Attorney General John Demers has stated that is “one of the most serious Iran sanctions violations we have seen.”

For years this bank has used a fake internet company to move money illegally for a terrorist organization. They have fallen into an agreement with Iran that it is just fine to kill and attack innocent people.

The way that the bank did their evil deed was they allowed Iran to use their money to buy gold, skirt a trade rule, and hid the intentions of the transactions by claiming it was for food and medicine.

It is estimated that nearly $20 billion has been used by Iran in this capacity. These actions are not one of an ally but rather that of an enemy. To side with a terrorist organization is the side with what they stand for. There are nations in this world that claim to be a friend to the United States but in all reality, they are an enemy.

In one case a year ago a Halkbank’s executive was charged and convicted of the very crimes that the new executives are guilty of doing. Mehmet Hakan Atilla was convicted and sentenced to 32 months in federal prison for the crimes that were committed.

Money is a strong pull for any person. If they think they can get away with criminal activity that involves money, they will do everything that they can to get the crime done.

Iran is a nation that does not care about rules or sanctions that are in place because they have allies that are willing to go to prison on their behalf. These crazy people are willing to help terrorists wage war by providing them access to their illegally gained funds.

All because they were bought off by Iran. When President Trump pulled America out of the ridiculous treaty that outrageous Obama put the nation under there were a lot of people crying about it. But now that it is found that Iran is playing dirty President Trump is getting the support he needs from key players.

Iran is a danger to not just people living near their borders. But they are a danger to everyone in the world. They kill when they want to, and they take what does not belong to them. President Trump has them figured out and continues to look for ways to motivate them to give up their evil ways and come back to the table in full faith to negotiate a better deal for everyone.

Those that are caught committing bank fraud and other crimes against the United States will pay dearly for the actions. What they will lose will far outweigh the money that they had been given by Iran.

They have lost the respect of the world and those that know them. Never again will they be trusted with important matters that can and often do affect the world around them.