Trump’s Jab to “Disloyal” Jews Playing in His Favor

President Trump is very good at “killing two birds with one stone.”  He lashed out at American Jews who still vote Democrat after Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib further put down Israel for banning them from entry into the country.

President Trump said in a statement and in a tweet, calling the American Jews “disloyal to their religion and to Israel” for voting Democrat.  By saying this, President Trump has divided Democrats further, and he is showing his evangelical Christian base.

It has even gotten the vast majority of American Jews thinking which can go either direction, but it gets him support from those who would not have supported him before.

The public sees President Trump’s love for Israel, and they are one of our closest allies.  He slammed the Jews who still support Democrats and the two idiots who cried over being banned from Israel with his statement, and he has made clear he stands by what he has said.

“In my opinion, if you vote for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal to Jewish people, and you’re being very disloyal to Israel.  And only weak people would say anything other than that.”

This is not the first time the president pulls this type of speech.  In 2016, he questioned the black voters about voting for Obama and voting Democrat.  He asked them, “What do you have to lose?”  Now he is doing the same thing with the Jews in hopes to get the wheels turning to make them realize what they are doing by voting Democrat.

He is showing them the disloyalty of how the Democrats are turning their backs on Israel while the Republican Party and himself fully support Israel.  President Trump is using the Four Horsewomen of Congress, better known as “The Squad,” as a brand or a “face” of the Democrats to deter faithful Democratic voters and rethink their votes.

Trump’s campaign strategist, Michael Glasser put out this statement, “Democrats continue to embrace and defend the most vitriolic anti-Semites in their midst, who sympathize and side with terrorist organizations who want to wipe Israel from the map.  As a Jew myself, I strongly believe that President Trump is right to highlight that there is only one party, the Democrats, excusing and permitting such anti-Jewish venom to be spewed so freely.”

Currently, there are 72-percent of American Jews who vote Democrat.  By Trump’s statement, it has swayed some of the voter’s decisions, but most will not show until the voting takes place for the Presidential election.  There were two sides to interpreting what the president stated.

Logan Bayroff, who is a spokesman for the Progressive American Jewish Group J Street, stated, “There is no evidence whatsoever that American Jews are going to be more inclined to vote for Donald Trump and the Republican Party because of these attacks.  All he’s doing is making himself toxic to American Jews and many other Americans who are more and more horrified by what he’s doing.”

Just as soon as Bayroff put out this statement, a rebuttal came from another American Jew, Neil Strauss, a spokesman for the Republican Jewish Coalition who strongly supports President Trump and his statement said  “Trump’s critics were trying to distract from the Democratic congresswomen, two of whom, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, last week were denied entry to Israel by Netanyahu’s government in a move endorsed by Trump.  The group’s executive director, Matt Brooks also defended Strauss and the president, “Trump’s comments come from a place of genuine support and admiration as evidenced by the fact that he’s the most pro-Israel president in history.  I’m very pleased with this contrast heading into 2020.”

In the Oval Office, President Trump said it again, but this time with even more flair, “Any Jewish person casting a ballot for a Democrat “shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.  No president has ever done anywhere close to what I’ve done for Israel.”

He again blasted the four congresswomen stating how they are “against Israel.”  He also stated his “own language was in no way anti-Semitic.”  The president also bashed the reporter who was insinuating the worse, “It’s only anti-Semitic in your head.”

There is no doubt America should stand behind Israel in its decision to ban the congresswomen.  People of compassion maybe do not realize how ignorant these women are.  Many would like to think the best of Americans, but these are no “Americans.”